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Let Us Do The Shopping For You.
USA Coverage is a free matching-making tool that provides you with unbiased reviews and details on the nation's top annuity, health, auto and life insurance plans and companies. Our charter is to serve you by finding the insurance plans that suit you the best. Our distinct lack of bias towards a particular carrier makes us an ideal insurance resource.

USA Coverage Gives You The Power Of Choice.
There's no shortage of insurance agents - this we all know. There does tend to be a shortage of choice however. With an abundance of captive insurance agents swearing allegiance to just one insurance company, objectivity and choice take a back seat for customers seeking the truth with respect to best insurance coverage opportunities. At USA Coverage, objectivity and abundance of choice are the centerpieces of our business model. We constantly research the best available free insurance quotes for our visitors and top notch coverage at the lowest possible rates. We work with you extensively to ensure that your purchase fits your needs and especially your budget!

Who Are We?
USA Coverage is a company of experienced, family oriented Insurance professionals that have perfected the art of helping insurance shoppers secure the most affordable insurance plans available on the market today.

Insurance Testimonials

  • "What a great insurance resource. We were quickly presented with several insurance options. "
    - Mark B. Boca Raton FL
  • "It was so easy, we received our free life insurance quote in no time!"
    - Phillip G. Harrisburg PA
  • "Having a true comparison has saved me a ton on my health insurance."
    - Brian H. San Diego CA

Life Insurance Calculator

Supporting your family is the responsible thing to do. In order to cover your major expenses like a mortgage or college education it's important you take into consideration your current cost-of-living and your families future cost-of-living. The life insurance calculator will provide an estimate of coverage needed to cover your family in the untimely event of your passing. Get a free insurance quote upon completion and save money on your life insurance.

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