We understand the importance of how an insurance lead partner can make or break a business model. It's our duty to ensure that we're educating our clients on the best practices for working health insurance leads or life insurance leads as well as offering the most competitive pricing to help you grow your business. At the end of the day, the bigger your business, the more leads you buy.

Selling nationwide or just in your home state-- it's up to you. We're able to filter our life and health insurance leads to fit your business model!

Health & Life Insurance Leads That Profit

Our leads provide Agents a great opportunity to build and grow their insurance business. We've been marketing life and health insurance services online for more than 10 years. Over time, we've consulted and built custom campaigns for some of the largest health and life insurance producers in the USA. We understand sales processes, products, target markets and can cater lead programs to specific demographics to yield the best results and ultimately the highest return on investment.

In addition to our life and health insurance leads we also provide a suite of services to engage insurance shoppers and benefit our clients. Ask us about our insurance call transfer programs as well as our appointment setting services.

Ask about our free lead trial.

Our agency has sold more than 30 life insurance policies in a month with the leads we've purchased. So far we're very happy with the quality of the leads and the return on investment has surpassed any other lead provider we've used.

Phil B.

USA Coverage has been great to work with. I really appreciate the credit policy and the quality of the health insurance leads. I'm working less leads and selling more insurance.

Kurt C.