Who is at Fault if a Car is Backing Out of a Parking Space and a Car Cutting Through the Parking Lot to Avoid Traffic Crashed?

Determining who was at fault in a car accident can be pretty difficult. But generally you can tell who was at fault by seeing who the negligent driver was. You can also tell who is at fault by investigating which of the drivers had been neglecting his duties. In this case, the fault partially goes to the car backing out and it also partially goes to the car cutting through the parking lot to avoid traffic. The driver from the car backing out had been negligent by not checking if he would hit someone when he backed out, while the driver from the car who cut through the parking lot to avoid traffic had neglected his duties as a driver because he did not obey the rules of the road by cutting through a parking lot.

Driver negligence is when a driver acts carelessly or recklessly by not caring about proper driver conduct. Most negligent drivers tend to disregard rules for their own benefit, though there are drivers who are negligent simply because they are naturally careless. One example of driver negligence would be when a driver overturns a car and then hits a car which is going to the other direction. The driver had been negligent because he failed to check if overturning his car would cause an accident. In the case of the car backing out, the driver had been negligent because it was his duty to check if he would hit something such as another car or even just a post. Driver negligence, in a nutshell, is an act of hasty behavior in the driver’s part.

Neglect of Driver Duties
Neglect of driver duties happens when a driver deliberately disobeys rules of the road. Like negligence, drivers tend to neglect their duties for their own benefit, though it is more likely to be the cause of neglect of driver duties rather than negligence. One example of neglect of driver duties would be when a driver goes through restricted one-way areas because for drivers, these roads help them avoid traffic and it also shortens the trip. What can happen in this scenario is that because it is a one-way area, the driver is likely to hit someone going to the opposite direction. In the case of the car which cut through the parking lot, the driver had neglected his driver duties because he wasn’t supposed to cut through parking lots.

So What Happens if Both Parties Are At Fault?
In this case, the fault would be divided among the two drivers. Depending on the investigation of the accident, one driver could be 80% at fault while the other is 20% at fault. The point is, since the two drivers had both exercised negligence and neglect of driver duties, it is likely that they will both be accused of being at fault though the charges will depend on the laws of the state.

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