First Acceptance Insurance Company

First Acceptance Insurance Company
3322 West End Avenue
Suite 1000
Nashville, TN 37203
Phone: 615-844-2885

Your car is a great deal of value to you, and a team like the First Acceptance Insurance Company recognizes the need to provide quality automobile insurance across the country. Having been in service for over 120 years, this legacy is living testament to the company’s stability and consistent effort in providing world class customer service to its policyholders.

If you are trying to find an insurance company that is constantly on the go and accessible, First Acceptance would be your best bet. Part of their mission is to make sure that a customer will not have any difficulty finding them. With over 409 leased and operated locations around the country, they are one of the leading providers of automobile insurance propelled by independent employee-agents.

Non-standard personal automobile insurance is their area of expertise. Their service relies in offering premium auto insurance to individuals that have difficulties attaining a standard insurance coverage plan. Because the insurance industry can be stringent in terms of payment history, preferences in methods of payment or past experiences in sustaining consistent insurance coverage for a long period of time. Other companies may also be conservative in providing service based on vehicle type and driving record. First Acceptance is cognizant of all these factors and truly understand the customers’ needs. Since most insurance corporations require a minimum amount of automobile insurance coverage, First Acceptance is more than willing to work with what you have and provide optimum options for your continued satisfaction.

Revenues for fiscal year ending June 30, 2010 will attest to their stability and strong financial performance. Figures will show that revenues were at $223.2 million compared to a strong $265.5 million the previous fiscal year. Their success despite the fluctuating economic conditions is greatly attributed to their continuous evaluation of industry standards and a high degree of performance is expected from all their employees.

“For real drivers in the real world” has been their longtime mission, and the First Acceptance Insurance Company does not disappoint. Their commitment to integrity and customer satisfaction is reflected not only in the service they provide but is also present in the causes they support.

Currently based in Nashville, Tennessee, they are currently operating in over 12 states such as   Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Mississippi, Ohio, Pennsylvania and South Carolina. They also have 24 locations in Alabama and over 38 First Acceptance offices in the state of Texas.

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