Insurance Definitions

Finding the right verbiage or definition for an insurance term can be difficult. Like many other industries, insurance has numerous keywords and terms that describe products, services and processes. If you don’t work in this industry or you purchasing insurance is new to you then the verbiage can be overwhelming.

We’ve compiled a list of auto insurance, health insurance, home insurance and life insurance definitions for your reference. We’ve done our best to explain these terms as specifically and generic as possible. Below are some of the most commonly used terms. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if there is a specific word that you are unfamiliar with that is not in our insurance dictionary.

Auto Insurance Definitions
Bodily Injury
Collision Coverage
Comprehensive Coverage
Liability coverage

Health Insurance Definitions

Home Insurance Definitions
Actual Cash Value
Assessed Value
Condo Insurance
Flood Insurance

Life Insurance Definitions
No Medical Exam Life Insurance
Term Life Insurance
Universal Life Insurance
Whole Life Insurance

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