USA Coverage brings affordable insurance to you.

USA Coverage is a national website marketing dozens of the country’s top providers of affordable life insurance, auto insurance and health insurance products. Our strength flows from the notion that when it comes to dealing with insurance, we represent our customers in every transaction we manage. Our charter is to serve you by finding the plans that suite you the best. Our distinct lack of bias towards a particular insurance carrier or product makes us an ideal insurance resource.

Conventional wisdom today holds that Term Life Insurance is a superior life insurance vehicle for the overwhelming majority of consumers. We help navigate the range of available term life insurance with respect to level term life insurance including the popular Return of Premium Term Life Insurance, Non-Medical Exam Term, and Traditional Level Term plans. We adhere to the conventional belief that term life insurance is usually the most efficient, cost effective way to protect your family or your business. But for some, the peace of mind provided by permanent protection like Universal Life or Whole Life insurance is a sound choice.

It is our goal to offer term life insurance quotes online and to find a suitable plan for each and every customer that comes our way. Browse our easy to understand resources, use our life insurance calculator, view life insurance company ratings, get term life insurance quotes online and request applications. It’s all right here in one place… One resource, hundreds of products, unbiased experts poised to help…

Why choose USA Coverage?

There’s no shortage of insurance agents – this we all know. There does tend to be a shortage of choice however. With an abundance of captive agents swearing allegiance to just one provider, objectivity and choice take a back seat for customers seeking the real truth with respect to best coverage opportunities. At USA Coverage, objectivity and abundance of choice are the centerpieces of our business model. We constantly research the best available insurance for our customers that offer top notch coverage at the lowest possible rates.

From quote to policy issuance, we make purchasing insurance an enjoyable, fast and easy process.

Our Principles

Advise more than sell. In other words, educate clients in an effort to help them make a decision that works best for them. Don’t push… instead provide thoughtful guidance.

“It’s nice to be important, but it’s important to be nice.” This is a handwritten reminder that is prominently displayed for frequent viewing. It’s a simple expression that doesn’t readily convey its true complexity. You can be the top person in your field– but it does not follow that you’re automatically a “top person”. Everyone deserves respect and business should be conducted with gratitude, compassion, and honesty.

Finally, always find a way to laugh. It’s true that insurance isn’t a very humorous business. But good conversation can lead to finding a shared thread of humor. Taking the time to learn about clients and allowing clients to learn about you leads wonderfully down a path of trust and common values. So sharing laughter is not a trifle. It’s strong glue.

Our Mission

USA Coverage is dedicated to providing the highest quality insurance services. Our mission is to educate and guide every client with the highest regard, as if they are friends or family.

USA Coverage is a website owned and operated by Kansas City insurance marketing firm Inside Response.