Accredited Advisor in Insurance

An accredited advisor in insurance or AAI is a commendable individual with great qualifications in the insurance industry. His or her ability in taking the complex field of insurance is shown through the fact that in order to gain the title, he or she must undergo a cycle of studies that should be accomplished which will eventually commence after passing, successfully, a series of national examinations. The growing competitive insurance industry requires AAI’s that are competent and knowledgeable in the field and are more intellectual more than that of an insurance agent.

An accredited advisor in insurance works by giving the best benefits to his or her clients while showcasing his or her excellent managerial skills. Being a qualified professional who has acquired rigid training and skills in the field will enable him to excel in a lot of areas such as in client services, risk management, agency financial management, business income and expenses, workers compensation and employers liability, commercial marine service and commercial crime.

In order to become an accredited adviser in insurance, you should take a special program, an Accredited Adviser in Insurance program which will give you facts and tools you may need to take a clear picture of the professional advantage in the market and achieve a commitment in the field of customer service. Due to the complex status of property and casualty insurance in the marketplace, those producers with an in-depth background and knowledge in insurance with strong concentration on customer service is a remarkable edge among others. AAI gives the best professional education needed.

Here are the following coursed to gain the Accredited Adviser in Insurance designation:
AA1 82– This course focuses on the foundations of insurance production. This includes: Commercial Inland Marine Insurance, Insurance and Legal Systems, Business Income and Extra Expense, Risk Management and the Producer, Commercial Property, Sales or Account Development, Personal Financial Planning and Homeowners and Personal Auto.
AAI 82– This course focuses on the Multiple-Lines Insurance Production. This includes Surety Bonds, Commercial General Liability Insurance, Ocean Marine, Commercial Automobile, Excess and Umbrella, Garage and Motor Carrier, Specialty Property, Commercial Crime, Workers Compensation and Employers Liability, Business Owners and Other Commercial Coverage.
AAI 83– This course focuses on the Agency Operations and Sales Management. This includes Agency Financial Management, Agency Formation or Organizational, Environmental Management, Client Services, Agency Management, Automated Agency, Personal Production Plans, Market Segmentation or Product Targeting, Producer- Insurer Relations, Costumer Communication or Agency Growth and Public Image of the Agency.

The program also offers a self-study program through course guides and textbooks. AAI is also available in seminars established by most insurance associations of the state.

After accomplishing the three courses, an examination is also needed to get the title as Accredited Advisor in Insurance.

AAI may be acquired by everyone most especially to people who are working as customer service representatives, agents, agency principals and brokers. The process may take some time but it is all worth it once you gain the title.