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Voluntary Reserve
A voluntary reserve is an amount of money that the insurance company sets aside in order to ensure that the are financially stable and able to weather storms.

Assigning a proper value to the assets in the company are critical for determining the health and stability of the insurance company.

Valuation Reserve
In the field of insurance, valuation reserve is used in order to stabilize the company when there are losses, and it shows regulators you are stable

One of the most important aspects of running an insurance company is getting the policies underwritten according to the standards of the company.

Underwriting Guide
There are a number of different standards that all insurance companies will follow when they are underwriting a policy, and this enables their standards

Underwriting Expenses Incurred
As a part of underwriting the various policies that are issued by a company, they will incur a number of different expenses in the process.

In the world of insurance, an underwriter functions as the one analyzing insurance applications whether to be agreed upon or discarded.

Total Admitted Assets
when it comes to meeting the requirements of the various states, the admitted assets tells them that the company will be able to handle claims.

A surplus is important for the insurance company, as these funds can ensure the long term stability for the company.

Insurance: Accounting
One of the most important tools for the insurance company is their accounting system, as this is the financial tool that drives all other decisions.

Accountant’s Report
The accountants that are involved in the insurance company (or in any other company) will produce a number of useful reports to aid decision making.

Accountant’s Professional Liability Insurance
With an accounting agency, there are a number of different types of liability policies to consider, and these can ensure that the company reduces risks.

Accountant’s Liability Insurance
Just like many other types of businesses, it is important for accountants to have liability coverage in the case of any mistakes.

Accredited Advisor in Insurance
If you really want to advance your career in the insurance field, one of the certifications that your should strive for is the AAI, as it puts you at the top of the field

Account Current
The “account current” is a type of statement that is issued to agents in order to show them how they are financially doing so that they can focus their efforts.

Secondary Market
In the field of insurance, the secondary market refers to when people go through an intermediary, such as an agent, in order to purchase their coverage.

Protected Cell Company
A protected cell company is a special type of insurance company allowed in some areas where one entity is made up of numerous protected cells.

Premium Earned
When looking at the profitability of your agency or insurance company, the premiums earned is one of the things that we should consider.

Premium Balances
Premium balances is classified as the payment and agent’s balances in the course if collection; agent’s balances, premiums and repayment booked but deferred and not yet owed.

Operating Ratio
This operating ratio will help the company to identify and recognize how good they can obtain revenues having the basis on the company’s expenditures on a specific period of time.

Net Premiums Written
Net premiums written is the sum of all types of insurance premiums which a company may collect throughout the whole duration of existing insurance policies minus the costs or payments made for reinsurance.

National Association of Insurance Commissioners
The National Association of Insurance Commissioners is a national association that seeks to educate to public and provide a platform for standardizing policies.

Mutual Insurance Company
One of the types of insurance companies that you may be familiar with is a mutual insurance company, which is a company owned by the policy holders.

Lloyd’s is a company that is focused on reinsurance and the reduction of risks for the companies that they are working for.

Lloyds Organizations
Lloyds is one of the largest underwriting organizations, and it is based in England. Their main focus is on reducing risk to those who they underwrite for.

Getting an Insurance License
If you are looking to working in the field of insurance, you will need to pass an exam and be licensed by the state in which you plan on writing policies.

Lapse Ratio
Insurance companies know how important it is to keep their customers, and the lapse ratios look at how many policies they keep year to year.

Insurance Regulatory Information System (IRIS)
This system is in place in order to try to figure out whether a company faces financial trouble, and it allows them to take action before it is serious.

Premium to Surplus Ratio
One of the important measurements of the ability of a company to be able to endure excessive losses outside of its norm is the premium to surplus ratio.

Other Income/Expenses
Just like any other company, an insurance company faces a wide range of issues related to their expenses and cost of doing business, and these affect the strength.

Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of America
When you are looking for an insurance agent, try to find an independent agent instead of a captive agent, as they will shop multiple companies to save you money

Earned Premium
Insurance companies need to earn a profit, and they earn profits based on the premiums that they charge their customers, and earned premiums are for the policies.

Developed to Net Premiums Earned
Premiums are a part of all insurance policies, but part of these gross premiums will go to the agent, the company then receives the net premiums.

Combined Ratio after Policy Holder Dividends
This calculation is a good way to evaluate how a company is doing in relation to others in the industry.

Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriter (CPCU)
The CPCU designation will certify that you are a professional who has applied themselves to become in the top of the field, and that you continued to learn.

Best’s Capital Adequacy Relativity (BCAR)
When evaluating an insurance company, this ratio is very important for calculating risk and the strength of the company in comparison to others.

Authorized Under Federal Products Liability Risk Retention Act
In order to help to spread the risk of loss, Congress authorized something referred to as a risk retention group.

Insurance Institute of America
When dealing with insurance professionals, it is important to know they known what they are doing and meet standards, as this company certifies professionals.

Gross Leverage
Generally speaking, leverage is debt, and it represents risk. The gross leverage is the total amount of debt and risk that the company faces.

Change in Net Premiums Written (IRIS)
Under IRIS, the change in net premiums written refers to the year to year net change in the amount of premiums written to support the business model.

Business Net Retention
Under the insurance laws of each state, in order to ensure that policies are protected from the economic downturn of the company.

Broker-agents have a very important role in the insurance field, as they help to match up insurance companies with new customers to make good fits.

When you think of an insurance agent, consider that they have two bosses. They work for both you and the company, and they are trying to negotiate the needs of all

Current Liquidity (IRIS)
When it comes to life insurance companies and IRIS, current liquidity ensures that the company is able to pay the claims that they are presented with.

As an insurance agent, the way that you will earn your living is through the sale of insurance policies, for which you will be paid a commission.

Captive Agents
When you are deciding on an insurance agent, one of the things to consider is if they are independent or captive, as captive agents only offer one company.

Impaired Insurer
In the event that your insurance company ever declares bankruptcy, they will be placed into impaired insurer status, where they will get on track.

The Exclusive Internet Lead
The pros and cons of buying exclusive insurance internet leads.