Auto Insurance Articles

Uninsured Motorist Coverage
Although all people are required to have car insurance, you are also required to have uninsured motorist coverage in case someone does not comply.

Unearned Premiums
In the case where you have auto insurance and your car is damaged to where the policy ends, the unearned premium will be referred to you.

Additional Interest
One of the ways that lenders protect themselves from loss is by being placed on the insurance policy as additional interest, which ensures that they will be paid.

With any number of types of insurance policies, subrogation gives the insurance company the right to chase after a third party for repayment if they are at fault.

Accident-Year Statistics
In order for insurance companies to be able to evaluate their financial performance, one of the statistics that they are gathering is accident year statistics.

Additional Car
Although most of us own more than one vehicle, we also know that this increases our insurance costs, but most companies discount additional vehicles.

As a part of your auto insurance policy, you will see addendums added to the policy in order to legally clarify aspects of the policy.

With auto insurance, and some other types of insurance, they may refer to actual cash value, which mean that you only receive the value of the item.

Accident Severity
When looking at the amount to pay on a particular claim for a loss after an auto accident, they adjuster will examine the severity of the accidents.

Accident Insurance
It is impossible to legally drive in the United States without accident coverage, and it is also important for your finances as well.

Absolute Liability
No matter who is at fault as a result of an incident, you may be found in absolute liability, which means that you are financially liable for the incident.

Abandonment Clause
Most of the time, this type of policy applies to boat policies, but this also applies to some other policies, such as some auto policies.

Standard Auto
With auto insurance policies, a standard auto insurance policy is for those that have good driving records and no major red flags.

Private-Passenger Auto Insurance Policyholder Risk Profile
One of the best things that you can do in order to have a positive influence on the auto insurance rates that you are charges is to lower the risk you pose.

Premiums refer to what you have to pay for the coverage of the insurance policy, and auto insurance is no different.
Preferred Auto
When evaluating auto insurance options, one of the types of policies for those with clean driving records are known as preferred auto.

Personal Lines
In the insurance industry, there are a number of different types of personal insurance products, and among these are auto insurance policies.

Personal Injury Protection
One of the pieces of auto insurance that you will want to ensure that you have in place is referred to as personal injury protection, or injury coverage.

When looking at a policyholder, one of the things that the company is going to evaluate is the repetition of occurrence of their claims.

Non-Standard Auto Insurance
If you have had a number of tickets or accidents, one of the things that you may be forced into is a non standard auto insurance policy.

Losses Incurred (Pure Losses)
Auto insurance companies face a lot of risk due to the amount of accidents that occur every day. As a result, the losses incurred refer to claims.

Loss Adjustment Expense
When companies are looking at ways to calculate their profitability, they will consider the loss adjustment expense, or the cost of investigating claims.

Throughout our lives, it is only a matter of time before we find ourselves at fault in a situation, where we are liable for the loss.

Liability Insurance
Liability insurance is an important protection to have in place, as it can keep you from losing everything in the event of an accident or loss.

The concept behind indemnity is in protecting you from loss due to accident or damages in order to restore you financially to your previous state.

When you are considering a policy, it is important to read the fine print before signing up for the contract, as every policy will have stated exclusions.

Comprehensive Insurance
Comprehensive coverage is an important part of your financial protection, as instead of protecting those you are liable to, they protect you from loss.

Common Carrier
Common carriers are those that hire themselves out for transporting goods and people. Because of this role, they have special insurance needs.

Casualty Insurance
Casualty insurance is one of those types of policies that is designed to protect you from loss as a result of an accident or damage, rather than theft.

Insurance Adjuster
When you suffer a loss, the insurance adjuster will determine how much the loss should be paid as, and also to ensure that you and the company are treated fair.

Insurance Claim
When you submit a situation to your insurance company an item that you want payment for, they will evaluate the claim in order to ensure that it is paid properly.

Grace Period
With insurance policies, just like any number of other bills that you may have, if they do not receive payment on the exact day, there is a grace period.

General Liability Insurance
It is important for all businesses to have protections in place to ensure that they have liability protection. They purchase insurance to ensure their survival.

Whose Auto Insurance Will Cover You If The Other Car Has No Insurance?
If the other driver is at fault but has no insurance, your uninsured motorist coverage will pay for your damages, and they will chase them for their losses.

Who is Responsible if Your Car is Hit by a Parked Car and Another Car Hits the Parked Car First?
Car accidents are always frustrating. In the above scenario, although the parked car was the one that hit your car, the fault lies with the other driver.

Who is Responsible For “Hit and Run” in Kentucky?
In some states, a hit and run driver will be ruled at fault by default, but in Kentucky this is not the case, as this is not automatically at fault.

Who is at Fault if a Car is Backing Out of a Parking Space and a Car Cutting Through the Parking Lot to Avoid Traffic Crashed?
We see cars cutting across the parking lot every day, and in a case like this, both drivers would be partially at fault due to shared negligence.

Why Do People Blame Their Accident on an Environmental Factor?
When it comes to automotive accidents, people don’t like to look in the mirror, so they will commonly point the blame elsewhere after a wreck.

What Would Probably Occur From Under-Coverage?
Each state has a require level of insurance that drivers must carry, but this is generally a low amount and you will want more protection in place for yourself.

Can You Take Your Dependent Child Off Your Car Insurance Policy?
This depends on your insurance company, but with most policies, you will need to have all driving members of the household on the policy.

Can You Drive a Car Without Insurance?
Bear in mind before driving without insurance is that this is not only a civil crime, but you can actually go to jail for not having insurance.

Can Two People be Insured Separately on The Same Car?
Generally speaking, double insurance, or two people insured on the same vehicle is not allowed, although there are rare instances where this may happen.

Can an Insurance Company Legally Cover a Claim if the Accident Happened Before the Person Was Covered?
The reason that it is important to maintain coverage on our vehicles is that if there is an accident while you are not covered, they will not pay.

What is the Minimum Amount Your Auto Insurance Must Cover Per Accident?
The mandatory coverage that is required will very based on the jurisdiction that you live in, but you will need to have a certain amount of liability coverage.

How Much Will Your Insurance Premium Go Up With 4 Points On Your License From a Speeding Ticket?
Each insurance company has their own schedule for what thee violations will increase your policy costs, but bear in mind that the type of violation matters too.

Can a Car With a “Salvage Title” be Insured?
A salvage title will be issued when a vehicle has been totaled. Because of this, a number of companies won’t issue a policy on these cars.

Who is Responsible if Your Car is Hit by Another Car and the Other Car Hits a Parked Car?
Generally speaking, the driver that first causes the accident is the one who will be responsible for all damages for the entire accident.

Tips On Applying Auto Insurance On Used Cars
Some of the things that you will need to consider when getting car insurance on a used vehicle is the condition and year of the vehicle.

Will Comprehensive Car Insurance Cover Fire Damage to Your Home if Your Car Burns in the Car Port?
Comprehensive car insurance will cover damages to your vehicle, but in this example, the damage to your home would probably not be covered.

What Happens When Your Learners Permit Expires?
A learner’s permit is a temporary license with some specific restrictions, and if it expires before you earn the license, you will need another one.

What Happens When You’re Involved in an Accident With No Insurance?
If you are in an accident and have no insurance, you will face the risk of prosecution and financial responsibility, but it is not as bad as it sounds if you make it right.

What Happens After Maximum Liability to Person at Fault?
Once the maximum amount is hit for the liability limit for the insurance company, that does not mean that you are off the hook, as you will have to pay then.

What Are the Five Links in an Accident Chain?
Accidents happen every day, but they usually don’t just happen. There are commonly a number of links that come together in order to make it happen.

If a Heating Element in my Front Seat Overheated and Burned a Hole in the Leather Interior, Will my Auto Insurance Cover It?
Unfortunately, with most insurance policies, this type of situation is considered to be a maintenance issue so they typically do not cover this problem.

I Just Got a Speeding Ticket. How Much Will it Raise My Auto Insurance Premium?
There is not a set amount that a driving violation will raise your auto insurance rates. Most will consider the severity of the offense, but some do a flat rate.

How Much Does a Sports Car Increase Your Insurance?
Especially for male drivers, sports cars are much more expensive to insure, because statistics show the risk is higher for those that drive these types of cars.

How Can Car Insurance Companies Judge if a Car is Sporty or Not?
There are a number of different factors that an insurance company will use when determining if a car is a sports car, and this affects the rates immensely.

Things You Should Know To Be An Effective Driver
Nothing is more freeing than the open road, but there are certain responsibilities that all drivers have once they put the key in the ignition.

Does the Car Have to be Located at the Address of the Person Insuring it?
In some cases, the vehicle will need to be at the local address, but this is not always the case, as long as the company knows where it is.

Does a Teenager Have to Have Insurance to Drive?
Even if we forget about the legal requirement to maintain insurance, this is very important for teens because they are more risky and more likely to wreck.

Do You Need to Report a Car Collision to Your Insurance Company within 24 Hours?
It is generally a good idea to report any accidents to your insurance agent right away, as some policies allow them to deny claims not reported timely.

Do You Need Proof of Insurance When Registering a Vehicle?
Throughout the United States, it is mandatory that you at a minimum have liability coverage. This is why you will need proof when registering your car.

Do You Have to Have an SR-22 After a DUI?
Generally speaking, any time you get your license back after a DUI, you will need the SR-22 certification, although laws vary by state.

Do Insurance Companies Have to Provide Rental Cars for the Other Person When Their Client is at Fault?
Whenever you are at fault in an accident, your insurance will be obligated to ensure that they have a vehicle while theirs is being repaired.

Can You Insure a Car Without Being on the Title?
In order to get insurance on a vehicle, you will need to have an insurable interest in the property, which means that you either own or rent the vehicle.

Will Your Insurance Go Up if You Were Hit By Another Car But Both of us Were Found Guilty?
There are a number of reasons why your car insurance rates could go up, and one of them is being found guilty of being partially at fault in the accident.

How Long Will a 100 Plus MPH Speeding Ticket Last on Your Record?
Just like any other moving violation, the amount of time that a speeding ticket remains on your record will vary by state, but usually several years.

Would You be Covered by Your Insurance Carrier if You Were Charged With Drinking and Driving and Caused an Accident?
In the event that you are charged with drinking and driving after causing an accident, be sure to get a lawyer as soon as possible to protect yourself.

Will Insurance Pay if You Were in an Accident Drinking and Driving?
Drinking and driving is a major problem in this country, but being under the influence does not remove the insurance company’s financial risk.

Who Decides if a Car is Totaled?
When your vehicle is damaged, the insurance company will determine whether or not it is totaled based on the costs of repairing the damage.

What Type of Insurance is Required by Law?
Each state has its own requirements for the auto insurance that is required, but at a minimum, you must carry liability coverage even if the car is paid for.

What Proof of Financial Responsibility Must be Maintained by Drivers?
Every state will have their own specific requirements, but it is mandatory that a driver is required to prove that they are financially stable in an accident.

What is the Difference Between Non Trucking Liability and Bobtail Insurance?
Bobtailing provides you with protection when you are not pulling a trailer, whereas non trucking liability is when the truck in not doing business.

What Happens When My Car is Totaled in an Accident?
When you car is totaled in an accident, the insurance company will determine how much it is worth. It you still owe on it, the money will be sent to the bank.

How Many Driving Accidents Occur Each Year?
Numerous auto accidents occur every year, and they lead to numerous injuries and deaths. Most of these can be avoided by being more careful.

Can You Go To Jail If You Don’t Have a Driver’s License and With No Insurance?
If you fail to obtain insurance and do not have auto insurance, you potentially face a number of penalties, not only fines but also possible jail time.

Can an Auto Dealership Sell a Car to Someone With No Driver’s License or Insurance?
Your state government doesn’t care whether the purchaser of a vehicle has a license or insurance, so there is nothing to stop the purchase. However, you will be unable to register the vehicle in your name.

What Options Are Available With Auto Insurance?
In all states in the United States, it is mandatory that drivers carry auto insurance. The minimum required in liability, and fines result if you do not have it.

Can You Get a Settlement on a Hit and Run?
Hit and run accidents can be very frustrating, and it is vitally important to document the case carefully and make out police reports in order to protect you.

Are Children Covered on Your Auto Insurance?
When your teen gets their license, you may assume they are covered on your family cars. However, it is your responsibility to add them to the policy.

What are the Cheapest Cars to Insure For a 16 Year Old Girl or Boy?
As we are all aware, car insurance for a teenager is very expensive. In order to save money, the key is to buy an older reliable vehicle for them.

What is the Average Car Insurance for Males and Females From Ages 18-25 Married and Single?
Unfortunately, people in these age groups will pay the most for auto insurance coverage. Men will pay far more than women, but it is high is this age.

I Live in Indiana and My Back Windshield Was Busted Out
No matter where we live, we have all seen the vehicles with a drop cloth for a window. Most of the time this is not allowed and get get a ticket for the driver.

How Do Points Affect Your Insurance Rate?
Obviously, it is important to keep a clean driving record in order to save on your auto insurance, as violations can really add up on the rates you have to pay.

For Non-Owned Auto Primary Coverage, Will it Cover the Vehicle I am Borrowing or Renting?
Although this type of auto insurance protection will provide some protection for you, it will not give you the same coverage as if you owned the car.

What is GAP Insurance?
When you owe more on your car than it is worth, you may want to consider a GAP policy, as this will pay the difference between what you owe and the value.

What is an SR-22 Form?
Bear in mind that an SR-22 form is not insurance. All that it does is show that you have sufficient assets and protection to be able to satisfy claims.

What is a Rebuilt Title or a Salvage Title?
A salvage title will be issued in the event that a car is badly damaged and the insurance company does not want to repair it, and this will allow you to purchase the car to repair it.

How Long Will It Take To Have a Claim Paid For a Stolen Car?
When you vehicle is stolen, the insurance company is expecting to find certain information in order to process your claim.
What is Auto Insurance Splits Limit Policy?
In a splits limit liability policy, it will be specified the maximum amount to pay to a person, group of people, or for property damage.

What is Auto Insurance Property Damage Coverage?
When you are behind the wheel, you may have an accident which damages the property of others, and this is covered by property damage coverage.

What is Auto Insurance Liability Coverage?
Liability coverage is meant to pay for damages to the other vehicle in an accident where you are ruled to be at fault.

Auto Insurance Comprehensive Coverage to Your Rescue
Comprehensive coverage will provide financial protection for you even if you were at fault in the incident.

What is Auto Insurance Combined Single Limit Policy?
With a combined limit liability policy, the payout for a liability claim may be split among incidents or claimants.

What is Auto Insurance Bodily Insurance Coverage?
Bodily injury coverage is intended to take care of injuries that occur as a result of an automobile accident where you are at fault.

What Does Uninsured Motorist Coverage Get Me?
Uninsured motorist coverage is meant to protect you in the event that you are hit by a driver that fails to carry liability insurance protection.

Auto Insurance Law
Liability car insurance is critical for protecting yourself from a lawsuit, and in most cases, this is also a legal requirement.

Things To Know About Emergency Roadside Assistance Without Getting Ripped Off
Roadside assistance will give you the peace of mind of knowing that if you have trouble on the road, you will be able to get help.

20 Factors That Affects Your Auto Insurance Rates
Many factors will affect the rates you pay for car insurance, and we will look at a few of them to see where you can save.

Determining The Ideal Car Insurance Deductible
The deductible that you choose for your coverage can greatly affect your costs.

The Basics On Auto Liability Insurance
Liability coverage will protect you from financial loss when you are at fault in an accident.

The Ins and Outs of an Auto Insurance Policy
Learn the ins-and-outs of an Auto Insurance Policy. We talk about minimum coverages and what they stand for.

The Best Way to Shop for Auto Insurance Online
By shopping for auto insurance online, one can compare multiple quotes and get the best price on their auto insurance policy.

How Are Auto Insurance Rates Calculated
Knowing how and why Insurance Companies calculate auto insurance rates can lead to significant cost savings.

All About High-Risk Auto Insurance
High risk auto insurance is designed for those that have had a string of accidents or moving violations. We’ll help you find the more affordable high risk auto insurance plan on the market.

8 Ways To Lower Your Auto Insurance Rates
We’ve put together 8 super easy ways to lower your auto insurance rates. Learn how to utilize discounts and we’ll present different scenarios that show how to save on your auto insurance premium.