Auto Insurance Comprehensive Coverage to Your Rescue

What would you do if you saw your brand new car filled with dents after a hailstorm, or vandalized with obnoxious words by vandals? How would you feel if you had to pay for such damages straight from your own pockets?

That is a sad reality, isn’t it?

This is where auto insurance comprehensive coverage plays its role.

In case the car has been damaged due to environment related incidence like hailstorms, fallen trees, fire, or flood, comprehensive auto insurance comes to your rescue. Other damages covered by comprehensive auto insurance policy are vandalism, cracked windshield, and theft.

Comprehensive auto insurance policy is significant in establishing full auto insurance coverage. A full auto insurance coverage includes collision, liability, and comprehensive. Without a full auto insurance coverage, drivers are limited to other insurance options such as GAP insurance.

Purchasing comprehensive auto insurance may not be required, but it is advisable and a must-have for drivers. There are as many reasons to purchase such insurance policy as there are circumstances wherein your car would be damaged. Primarily, auto repair can cost so much. Even a slight dent could cause financial pain and discomfort to an uninsured driver. Another type of repair which seems not too costly is a replacement of a stolen airbag, which costs around $900. Such cost, however, depends on the type of vehicle you posses. Most cars today have airbags in the driver side, the passenger side, and side curtains. If all those airbags have been stolen, the driver might have to pay an estimated cost of $3000 just for replacement. Had the driver covered his vehicle by comprehensive auto insurance policy, then such expenditure would have been paid for by the insurance company.

Purchasing a comprehensive auto insurance policy is an investment. The policy holder is responsible to pay his monthly deductible for the said insurance policy. It may be a little costly but in the long run, the amount you invested in will be paid off. A driver may opt to purchase a comprehensive coverage, even if he resides in a state that does not experience much weather changes or crimes. Basically, comprehensive coverage is purchased to avoid financial trouble in case something happens to your car, which is more likely to happen once or twice throughout the lifetime of your car. It is advisable, however, to purchase comprehensive insurance if the driver lives in areas where weather related events are more likely to happen.

The driver, however, should consider the age of his car before deciding whether or not he should purchase a comprehensive auto insurance policy. Costs in repairing cars that are over 10 years might be more than the actual value of the car. Repairing a damaged 10-year-old car could mean a total loss on the part of the driver. Purchasing comprehensive insurance is an important factor for the driver’s auto insurance policy. But if a car is 10 years old or more, the insurance company might decline to provide comprehensive auto insurance. However, it is recommended for drivers to purchase comprehensive coverage to protect their financial responsibility in case disaster strikes.