Can an Insurance Company Legally Cover a Claim if the Accident Happened Before the Person Was Covered?

A person can buy insurance, but such insurance cannot legally cover up an accident. Purchasing insurance these days is one big help to keep driver’s license. Consequences may be that you will receive a memorandum confiscating or suspending your license. You will have to recompense for the injury or damage sustained from the accident. Truly, auto accidents are considered to be serious occurrences such that insurance companies could not legally backdate to cover the accident claims, it will just cover any claims arising from the time shown in the certificate of the cover or insurance note.

So what happens if an uninsured person is involved in an auto accident?

Above all, if a person failed to acquire insurance, then he will have to recompense or rather pay the damages out from his/her own pocket.

In another sense, if an uninsured car gets involved in an accident, the driver will get a ticket from police authorities and get fined. Worse , he could possibly go to jail. On the other hand, if an uninsured person is at fault in a traffic collision, the effect would be that his license will be suspended or revoked for a period of 3 years depending on his previous driving records and the rules under the state he’s living in.

To recapitulate things about auto accident insurance claims, studies explain that an auto accident claim constantly initiates through an accident. Once you are involved in vehicular accident, there are several things which are of significance that you must do at the accident area. The very first thing you must do is to report such accident to your insurance provider and start the course in filing claims. After the submission of the claim the appropriate insurance agent, the one who transacts wholly on claims, will write, call; or rather send you an email concerning your claim. He will subsequently review your insurance policy to verify as to what type of claim you have, some deductibles and the corresponding limitations that affects the claim.

If it turns out that your claim is uncomplicated, like there is no great damage, no fault to call it an issue and health treatment is unnecessary, the insurance agent can get you the estimates for car repairs and then he will give you a check. It’s just that, you will need to fill up some documentation. On the contrary, if the claim is a bit complicated then negotiations will possibly take longer.

In some cases, auto insurance claims are denied because t the person who claims for it is not insured in the event the accident happened, hence, he will be responsible for the damages. If the insurance company denies the claim, then they won’t pay anything, not even a single centavo.By either means, you must have to pay and shell out from your very own pocket.