Can You Drive a Car Without Insurance?

It is an enforced requirement for any individual who causes, uses or even allows a vehicle to be operated on a public road or highways to have a valid and accurate insurance against third party danger. The use of a motor vehicle would include parking it and/or leaving the same unattended on a thoroughfare or permitting another person to have access on it.

In some states, it is against the law to drive any vehicle without holding a certain insurance program that would satisfy the least possible financial responsibility prerequisites for your specific state. Most states do have grave penalties for a person who drives a vehicle without insurance amidst the two most customary penalties being a one year suspension of the driver’s license and the seizing of the vehicle. You must also pay a certain fine to get it back.

If you are completely aware of an error in car insurance and still you continue to operate a motor vehicle, you can possibly be held legally responsible for the medical expenses sustained by the injured party. You can also be answerable for the restoration of the damaged vehicle into its original state, or paying the cost of replacement for a new one. If somehow the police officers find out that you have no feasible insurance, you can be alleged for violating the state law, and the proper courts will compel you to pay fines or do some kind of community service, or worst, the suspension of your driving rights.

If it is proven that you have violated the law on financial responsibility relating to car insurance, it can be more difficult to gain affordable coverage in the forthcoming future. Insurance companies will administer background checking in order to determine the risk aspect of potential customers. Previous mistakes in obtaining car insurance may raise the premiums significantly or even exclude an applicant entirely.

In short, countless things may happen if you neglect to acquire car insurance. You will be held financially accountable for hospital billings and damage claims. So if you persist on driving without car insurance, the consequence will be, each law implementing officer can accuse you of a crime, even if you are only stopped up in a routinely checkpoint. It is for the very reason why driving without car insurance is considered illegal because of the fact that it may leave wide open a set of problems, both financially and legally. It will be irresponsible on your part by way of putting yourself and some properties at risk including other drivers. Say for instance, if you will be involved in a car accident and does not have insurance, it would only mean that you have no other measures in covering the damages or medical fees for yourself.

So if you intend to drive a vehicle on public highways, it will be for your best concern to at least obtain the minimal car insurance plan being made as compulsory by the laws of your state.