Can You Get a Settlement on a Hit and Run?

Amongst dangerous and frustrating car accidents, the list is quite long, but hit and run accidents are most likely to land on top. These accidents are easily avoided if some of us just paid more attention and had more consideration to fellow drivers. Talking or texting using a mobile phone is one of the leading causes of such accidents. It might seem harmless but texting, talking and eating are distracting activities that lead to hit and run accidents. When drivers are preoccupied with other things, they miscalculate the safe distance that has to be maintained between vehicles. In addition, drunk driving is also another culprit.

Just as the name suggests, the nature of hit and run accidents is that the offender speeds off in order to avoid facing responsibilities. In many cases, the driver, who is at fault, can get away easily without having any repercussions for the damages caused due to the reckless actions. The question that prevails is who will eventually pay for the damages on the vehicle. Everyone should be prepared for hit and run accidents because it knows no time and place. Certain steps must be taken in order for the crash to be well documented. This will give the victim a fighting chance of getting an insurance claim despite not knowing who the person at fault was.

The first step, in ensuring that your insurance carrier will pay for the car, is by bringing it to a total shop. Take as many pictures as you can and do so with extra attention to details. As much as possible, take pictures of both vehicles. This is done so as to avoid doubts like adding more damage after the car has already been hit. One suggestion is to store a disposable camera in your vehicle’s glove compartment. The dates will appear as photos get printed and will support the validity of the claim for damages. Camera phones can also be used however, they tend to be blurry. Missing details are common upon printing the said pictures. Remember that details like scratched paint on the body, will be used in order to calculate the sum the driver receives. Disposable cameras are the best to use since they aren’t expensive and they have better quality compared to phone camera. Usually, 24 pictures are allotted for each camera. This is good enough to cover all the damages in detail from the car accident.

Survey the scene for potential witnesses and request for their contact details. If they are able to see the plate number, description of the car and driver; jot down the information. Wait for the cops to arrive so that they can confirm, through a police report that, an accident occurred. Hand over the information that you’ve collected from potential witnesses. The police officers will be the ones to get their official statement.

Hit and run drivers can go to jail when caught. In addition, they would have to return the settlement amount to the insurance carriers. This is considered a very serious crime. If you fall victim to a hit and run, follow the aforementioned steps to increase your chances of payment for damages using an insurance claim.