For Non-Owned Auto Primary Coverage, Will it Cover the Vehicle I am Borrowing or Renting?

If you have purchased a non-owned auto primary coverage, it will give you protection even for the vehicle that you have borrowed or rented. Non-owned auto primary coverage is a specific type of car insurance policy which gives policy holders protection even if he or she is not driving his own vehicle. This is perfect for any employee who is tasked to occasionally drive a vehicle strictly for business purposes.

Non-owned auto primary coverage protection
Non-owned vehicle policy extends protection to property damages as well as bodily injury incurred while you are driving both rented or borrowed vehicles. This is normally included in most business automobile policies because it protects the company from from financial obligations even if the court finds it legally liable. It helps augment the liability coverage which is typically offered by most automobile rental agencies.

Specific coverages offered by non-owned auto insurance policy
1. Medical payments
2. Liability
3. Underinsured or uninsured motorist coverages

Limitations of non-owned auto primary coverage
In as much as non-owned auto primary coverage can help you pay expenses due to vehicular accidents, it generally does not cover collision, rental reimbursement coverage, towing reimbursement and comprehensive coverages. Nevertheless, these mentioned expenses will be credited to the auto insurance policy of the car’s owner.

Cases wherein the vehicle owners also has a personal auto insurance policy
You will be luckier if the vehicle you borrowed from a friend has auto insurance policy because your non-owned auto primary coverage will only be used as secondary insurance. The policy of the owner of the car you are driving will be considered as the primary insurance. So in case you unfortunately encountered an accident while driving a friend’s car, then the auto insurance policy of your friend will be extended to you. It would be better if you have your non-owned auto primary coverage because it can still be used to augment other financial obligations that may arise due to the accident. Thus, non-owned auto primary coverage becomes an additional security measure for you every time you are driving somebody else’s car.

Finding the best auto insurance coverage
You must try to list down the reasons why you wish to buy an insurance company. If you simply need to buy one just for the sake of fulfilling the requirement of the state, then finding an insurance policy which will provide the minimum requirement of the state will be enough. But if your profession requires frequent travel through the use of your own car, then you may need a comprehensive auto insurance policy.

There are several types of auto insurance policy that are designed to provide the specific needs of different individuals. Consult your needs with a trusted and committed car insurance company in the market so you can be guided accordingly. Nevertheless, if you have not found the perfect company to trust then asking your friends or relatives with the quality of service offered by their auto insurance company is the perfect place to start.