How Can Car Insurance Companies Judge if a Car is Sporty or Not?

There are general factors which car insurance companies normally consider in setting premiums for car insurance such as location, age, the kind of car and driving records. Insurance premiums for sports cars, however, are known to be outrageously expensive due to factors which insurers put greater weight on. Sports cars have significantly high insurance rates compared to other cars primarily because sports cars are more prone to accidents which equates to very costly injury, theft or collision claims. The question now is how can car insurance companies judge if a car is sporty or not?

Car insurance companies have bases for determining whether a car is considered a sports car or not such as horsepower, engine, body style, Manufacturer and VIN number.

The horsepower of a car is an important factor which insurers consider in defining whether a car is used for sports or not. If a car has higher horsepower, it easily thrills a risk-taker and encourages him or her to drive many times faster than the speed limit. A car with a large engine is also identified as a sports car. A large engine also indicates that the car can run extremely fast. A sports car which is normally driven at an incredibly high speed tends to meet serious roadway accidents which results in a great deal of liability claims.

Body style is also one of the main factors which car insurance companies put great importance to when identifying a car type and evaluating insurance premiums. If a vehicle is a two-door, it is almost always presumed to be a sports car. Body style includes flashiness or eye-catching designs and car modifications such as cellphone connectivity, advance audio systems, in-car navigation (which is very helpful if the driver is in an unfamiliar territory), automatic brake systems and other latest car innovations. There is a wide selection of car models to choose from and it’s but normal for people to set their eyes on those sophisticated and luxurious sports cars. The model, which often determines the value of the car, is one of the common reasons why a car is stolen which leads to costly theft claims.

The manufacturer of a sports car is also a determining factor considered by insurance companies. Examples of famous manufacturers are Lamborghini, Ferrari and Ford Mustang.

The VIN number of a vehicle is also the basis of insurers for identifying if a car is sporty or not. This is the identification number of a vehicle which the insurance company plugs in and which displays a sports car feature if the car is the sporty type.

Some insurance companies also set expensive premiums for drivers below 25 years old because of the risky behaviors which young drivers practice on the road.

Although the features of sport cars greatly contribute to the skyrocketing rate of insurance premiums, it is also important to note that there’s a wide range of car modifications which are designed for safety and protection of the driver and the public such as antilock brakes or electronic stability control and other automotive safety advances.