I Live in Indiana and My Back Windshield Was Busted Out

Is it legal for me to drive my car around still with clear plastic over the back?

According to the Indiana Code 9, a person is not allowed to drive a motor vehicle with the following specifications because it obstructs the clear view of the highway for the driver especially in intersecting highways.
1. Signs
2. Sun screening materials
3. Non transparent material either on the front windshield, side or rear windows as well as its side wings

These vehicle features are strictly prohibited in the State of Indiana but it allows posters, signs and non transparent materials that are not larger than four inches square on the front windshield, side or rear windows and in its side wings.

So is it legal to place a transparent plastic cover on your back window shield while you temporarily have it repaired? If the size of the plastic cover does not exceed four inches square then it is legal but if it is more than the specified size then you better consult this with the Indiana State Police for more accurate information.

In other states like California, it is strictly prohibited to drive with a back window that uses only a clear plastic because of the toxic fumes that enter the vehicle and possibly suffocate the driver. On the other side, the law on in reference to this matter is also not so definite in the State of New Jersey. One of the prohibitions it has is associated with tinted windshields as well as chips or cracked rear windows but nothing specifically on rear windshields. The main principle highlighted in the State of New Jersey is the guarantee that no obstruction of vision of the driver will be compromised in case you temporarily use a clear plastic cover as your back window.

Replacement of back windshield through Auto Insurance Claims

Replacing your back windshield is best resolved through an auto insurance policy that covers glass repairs. You will save money, effort and time if you have a car policy that covers glass damage because most car service providers communicate directly with the insurance company and handles the payment with them as long as your policy indicates glass damage coverage.

Purchasing car insurance is mandatory in all states. Nevertheless, some drivers and vehicle owners fail to appreciate the many benefits it can give them. Some of which are as follow:
a. Rental reimbursement for cars that are being repaired
b. Coverage for both damages to vehicle and damages to personal property due to vehicular accidents
c. Acts as a lifeline in times of an auto accident
d. Financial protection against medical expenses, household expenses and lost wages

There are different types of auto insurance coverage that you can choose from. If you haven’t purchased one, then it would best you start finding a committed auto insurance company who can be of service to you when you need it the most.