Preferred Auto

There are many advantages provided by the law as well as the insurance companies to those who drive with reasonable care and have not in any way violated the law. One of the most rewarding benefits in being a good driver is the low insurance premiums which is made available by any insurance provider. There are risk classifications and one that is made available to good drivers is the insurance coverage called preferred auto.

What is preferred auto?
Preferred auto is a car insurance which covers drivers who never had a record of any road traffic accident and are operating vehicles in accordance with the governing laws. This auto insurance coverage demonstrates that the drivers who are eligible to purchase this coverage type don’t carry any risk at all and every insurance provider would not be afraid to cover or take them on as risk.

The car insurance rates are commonly determined by insurance providers by a “tier system”. Drivers are classified according to the level of risk they carry. There are profiles that serve as a basis for the insurance companies to determine the risk classification of drivers. A driver my qualify for the preferred auto insurance coverage if for example he or she has been insured with the insurance company for three years or more without getting involved in any form of vehicular accident or claims. This necessarily means that the driver has been a lawful citizen without having been involved in accidents or convicted in any vehicle-related crime. Having a low annual mileage and without DMV points on the license are also among the factors insurance take into account in identifying which driver is eligible for preferred auto coverage.

Typically, insurance companies use basic factors to determine the level of risk which a person carries. Age, aside from a driving record, is a primary factor which is widely considered by insurance providers. If the person is a very young or old driver, he or she will be considered high risk because people of this age bracket often tend to meet accidents and there is a higher probability of future expensive claims.

There are characteristics which are inherent or common to drivers who qualify for the preferred auto coverage. One thing that a driver must have to prevent car accident is to concentrate and have focus while driving. A driver can avoid potentially dangerous road accidents by anticipating possibilities and practicing defensive driving. Lack of driving skills can also be a cause of accidents resulting from driver-error. The driver must be equipped with safe driving skills required in operating a vehicle in the public road. There is only a few rare accident cases which involves the vehicle as the main source of error. The driver is in full control and should be skillful enough to practice the control at the safest level possible. Having the right attitude and knowledge of the Highway Code are also among the important qualities in order to maintain or acquire the status of being a good driver.