What Happens When You’re Involved in an Accident With No Insurance?

No matter how cautious we are, it seems that car accidents are bound to happen with the slightest carelessness. It is unfortunate enough when one becomes involved in an accident but it could make matters worse if there is no car insurance policy to cover the injured persons or destroyed property. In many states, it is a requirement for motorists to have minimum insurance coverage before they could drive. However, the fact remains that there is a one out of seven chance that a driver, who doesn’t have coverage, will get into an accident. Most, if not all, drivers who opted not to have insurance can’t afford it to begin with.

Despite being the insured party in an accident, the chances of regaining the cost for your expenses by charging an uninsured individual, are very minimal. As mentioned earlier, most of these persons don’t have the means to pay for premiums even if they wanted to avail of insurance coverage. More often than not, they also won’t have the financial capacity to shoulder your hospitalization and car repairs or replacement costs. Legal action is an option in these situations. However, if the uninsured party truly doesn’t have any money to pay, then you will also have to pay for expenses for the lawsuit.

Some car insurers have already included coverage for accidents where their policyholders encounter uninsured drivers. This is considered a good offer to avail of. Many states have already made insurance protection mandatory for all driving citizens. After an accident has happened, inform the local police right away. This is basic protocol. Also, never move the vehicles involved in a crash whether or not it is a hit and run. Persons who suffered injuries should not be moved, unless the condition is life threatening or the location is unsafe. Contact your insurance provider and lawyer in order to discuss the available options.

Upon arriving and securing the area, a report would be prepared by the responding police officers. In some instances, both drivers are handed their respective tickets. This does not necessarily determine which party is guilty.

If you happen to be the uninsured party, there is no need to fear the police. Enlist their help in ensuring that the police report is fair and accurate. This will protect your rights. It is possible that the accident was not your fault; then the other driver’s insurance policy should be responsible for any damages resulting from the crash.

If you were responsible for the accident, a written statement could still be of good use. There’s always a chance for the other person to sue. Having a written statement could be used as evidence in court when determining what actually happened. Contact a lawyer immediately, when possible. These steps should be followed in order to protect your rights. Offer a payment schedule when negotiating with the other driver’s insurance carrier. This shows that sincerity and responsibility on your part.