What is the Average Car Insurance for Males and Females From Ages 18-25 Married and Single?

If you are planning to purchase a car insurance for yourself or for a family member, then it is best that you know the average car insurance quotes so you will not be overpriced by car insurance agents. You can also use this information as a guide to evaluate if you have sufficient income to pay for the monthly or yearly premium of your car insurance.

Average Common Insurance Quotes
The average car insurance quotes for yearly auto insurance premiums last year amounted to $1,566. This is incredibly lower than the auto insurance premium in the year 2008 which reached $1600 that increased to $1736 in the following year. Looking at this trend, there are no fixed analysis with regards to the rate of the car insurance premium that you need to pay. But here is a list of the average auto insurance premium according to gender and age.

Drivers under the age of 25
Drivers who are under the age of 25 have the highest premium rates because auto insurance companies believe that these group have a higher risk of committing traffic violations which will make them more prone to accidents and car damages. These is due to their inexperience and aggressive character. So do not be surprised if you are presented with a higher auto insurance premium compared to the auto insurance premium of your parents and older brothers and sisters.

Male Drivers Under the Age of 25 Vs Female Drivers Under the Age of 25

Male drivers have the highest premiums. Compared to female drivers their age they are given higher premium quotes because female drivers are believed to be less aggressive than male drivers. But even if the premium are higher for male drivers under the age of 25, it is still best that they purchase a car insurance policy to avoid financial and legal problems in the future.

Male Drivers Under the Age of 25 but married
It doesn’t matter much if the male driver under the age of 25 is married or not. Their aggressive behavior while on the wheel is still apparent and insurance companies does not want to take the risk of offering them lower premiums because there is very little guarantee that they will be more responsible with their driving.

Department of Insurance
If you are interested to know more specific car insurance quotes then it would be best to compare free online quotes offered by several auto insurance companies. You also have the option to inquire about this with the Department of Insurance. You are more certain to get accurate information with them rather than insurance agents who would do their very best just to convince you to purchase their auto insurance policy.

The need to own a car insurance policy is a must in the United States. Driver’s license are rarely issued without guarantee that the driver has a car insurance insurance policy or at least a minimum insurance policy of sorts. Do not take chance with accidents. Get secured. Find the best insurance coverage for your needs without the need to pay more through patient and determined research analysis.