Who is Responsible if Your Car is Hit by Another Car and the Other Car Hits a Parked Car?

Generally, the one responsible for all the damages if your car was hit by another vehicle and then the other car hits another one will be the driver of the first colliding vehicle. Hence, you are not considered at fault if your car was forced to strike another car which also accidentally hit another vehicle. This scenario is called “at-fault accidents”. The input in the situation is the leading car driver’s statement. But it does not mean that when your car collided with a leading car would all mean you’re at fault. That’s a big “NO” and you can’t automatically be considered that way. In some analysis, it would depend if somehow the proximate cause is identified and determined on whether you can be held liable. The circumstance needs to be fully investigated.

In some unfortunate events, people who are involved in a 3 car-pile up accidents usually call their insurance provider and ask for a collision claim in contrary to their own policy. It should be that, the car which caused an accident should be held responsible for all the damages and pays for everything. So if you were in this situation, you must immediately call your insurance provider and let them give details over your basic rights basing on the policy and the in-forced laws of your place.

You will have to give out more information to establish clearly on who really was responsible. 3 car pile ups usually happens not just for cars but in motor collisions as well. This is verified by 3 drivers in a pile up. Mostly, it is the responsibility of hit and run drivers.

Collision Insurance- is that all we need?
Majority of people thinks collision insurance is applicable only during accidents with another vehicle. To prove things out, collision insurance is responsible in paying the repairs of your car after colliding with another object or vehicle. Fortunately, if it happens that your car was paid for upon purchasing the same, then your loan establishment will probably be insisting on you according to what is verily known as the full coverage. And that includes the collision and comprehensive insurance. At the same time, when your car is destroyed, your financial institution will be reimbursed and leaves an assurance on your part to have your car repaired.

Because without this collision coverage, your lending institution will understand you if you were to owe a balance on your car, but then you will be held for the reimbursement.

In the long run, things will be decided when investigations will barely held out the real story. What is important is to provide police report, if ever. Because sometimes, investigating officers will put the blame to someone who’s obviously at fault in the accident scene. Moreover, you should be in control of your vehicle in all occasions, but nobody would be expecting terrible drivers to make things they do. One thing is for sure, that is to call your insurance agent and explain the incident to them. At times they can be of great help.