Will Your Insurance Go Up if You Were Hit By Another Car But Both of us Were Found Guilty?

There are many different reasons why insurance premiums skyrocket. Insurance providers determine the premium increase based on the extent of the traffic violation a driver committed. Rates can escalate when a driver commits minor traffic infractions in a short span of time. When more drivers are added to the insurance policy, such as when a driver buys a more sophisticated car model, exposure to extreme weather conditions like hurricanes and other reasons which are reasonably and legally acceptable. However, increase in premiums may vary according to the laws governing insurance rates in a state and the insurer’s rating guidelines. The most common and well-known cause of insurance premium increase is the rise in the number of car accidents that cause severe injuries to persons and properties involved. Insurance providers normally have a prearranged rate of premium increase which is designed to be charged to the driver who causes the accident. This increase is called surcharge schedule.

If you were involved in a car accident and it was proven that you have not contributed to causing the accident in any way, then most probably your insurance premiums will not be affected. But will your insurance go up if you were hit for another car but both of us were found guilty?

If you are found guilty of causing a car accident, you will lose the “good driver” discount which will result in paying higher insurance premiums. Although some companies may forgive you the first time you cause a traffic accident, they will definitely compensate by dramatically increasing your insurance premium the next time you figure in a vehicular accident. If both parties are found guilty, both will have their share of increase in premiums from their respective insurance providers. If you are found 50% guilty of causing the car accident, you are still considered at-fault and your insurance rate will still go up. If you are found responsible for a car accident involving multiple cars then there is a possibility that your car insurance rate will increase or your policy rescinded depending on the outcome or gravity of the traffic violations and damages.

However, some insurers have different guidelines and rulings when a driver has contributed less than 50% of the car accident involving more than one vehicle. Your insurer will determine the raise in insurance rates depending on the circumstances of the accident and the company regulation suited to the situation. It is important to note that it will still be the authorities who decide whether you are at fault or not. It is common knowledge that if you are found guilty in a hit and run incident or in a car accident while intoxicated, you will be dealt with severely by law and your insurance premium will drastically increase, given that your policy is not canceled. Insurance providers put emphasis on your driving behavior and records. If you are categorized as a high risk driver, your insurer will no doubt increase your rate because you have higher potential to have costly liability claims. Driving safely and maintaining a good driving record entitles you to more driving privileges and lower insurance premiums.