Would You be Covered by Your Insurance Carrier if You Were Charged With Drinking and Driving and Caused an Accident?

It has been stated by the Insurance Information Institute or III, that a traffic fatality or accident which is alcohol-related occurs every forty-five minutes. When you drink and drive, you are putting yourself in great danger—as well as the people around you. For this reason, being convicted for driving under the influence comes with serious penalties from your car insurance company.

In the circumstance that you cause a car accident while driving under the influence, you should contact an insurance lawyer as soon as you can. Because, depending on the state you are residing in, you might be eligible to receive coverage for what we call “third party liability” damage. However, your insurance company won’t cover the damage for you own property for the reason that insurance companies deny claims in the event that you break the law. Aside from your insurance company denying you coverage, it is also most likely that your future car insurance rates will rise radically, which is something nobody wants.

Additionally, the moment an individual is found guilty for driving under the influence, the insurance company will sue this person for the payments which was used to cover the damage done to the third party. You should remember that the costs that you may be sued for can go to an alarming amount of tens of thousands, and it all depends on how much damage you caused. If you happen to live in a Tori state, the third party’s insurer will take care of the damage and then bring you to court for the reason of reimbursement. Because of the consequences, who would want to get caught driving under the influence, more so causing an accident while in that condition?

If in the situation that you do find yourself in a difficult place because of your mistakes, you should quickly look for an excellent lawyer who can help you. The best thing that can happen to you at this point is if you are able to avoid being convicted. If you have to go to court for a civil suit, it could be give a drastic change to your entire present and future net worth.

Another thing to be informed about is that auto insurance companies regularly check your motor vehicle record every three years. When you apply for a new policy, they check it as well. Accidents, tickets and DUIs may possibly still be visible in your record. When an insurance company discovers that you have been caught for drinking under the influence, they may define you as a “high-risk driver”. A consequence of being called as such is that a rate hike may occur for you policy. At worst, your policy can be canceled, or the company will refuse to renew it in the future. If this happens, you have no choice but to look for a new company. And, your record will show that you have been found guilty of drinking under the influence as well as that another insurance company has already canceled your policy.