Are All Types of Dental Services Covered by Insurance?

Typical health insurance policies cover basic dental services but it does not go to the extent of providing complicated dental procedures. This may leave you in a surprise state, so it is highly recommended that you read the policy which is being offered to you before you sign up for one. Nevertheless, if you wish to have a more comprehensive dental coverage, then you should purchase your own dental policy.

Dental Services offered by Health Insurance Policies
Semi-Annual Examinations

Regular dental check-up is absolutely necessary for the health and maintenance of our body. Since health insurance companies know of this as a fact, they normally include semi-annual dental check-ups in their policies.

Semi-Annual Cleaning
Another main obligation of insurance companies is to keep the teeth of its clients clean. The minimal requirement for dental cleaning is twice a year so this is also provided by most health insurance companies in their policies.

Occasional Dental Consultations
From time to time, insurance companies also offer limited dental consultations to their clients. So you should be mindful of the number of frequencies that your policy allow for you not to spend additional dental fees.

Optional basic services that may be provided to dental insurance policies
Simple tooth restorations

This is more commonly referred to as dental filling. It is the repair of decayed and damaged tooth with the aim of restoring the tooth’s normal appearance, shape and function. It may either be in the form of amalgams, silver fillings, white fillings or composite bonding and the like.

Dental Crowns
Once your crown has been badly damaged or decayed, then it becomes a necessity for you to have a dental crown replacement. If used for necessity then your dental insurance of health policy may consider including it in your coverage but if it is due to aesthetic purposes, then you may need to pay the price of the treatment out of you own pocket.

Dental Jackets
This is an outlay covering which aims to protect the entire surface of a tooth. This is commonly done in children but adults may also request their dentist to have this performed on them if they feel that their teeth are becoming too brittle to fight plaque accumulation.

Tooth Extractions
This is the last result your dentist would wish to perform on you. But if there is no other option then you may say goodbye to your tooth the moment your dentist recommends tooth extraction. More often than not this type of dental procedure is covered by most health insurance policies.

This type of treatment is associated with tooth pulp and tissues which surrounds the root of a tooth. There are variety of treatments that may be used to help ease the pain caused by dental infections some of which includes root canal treatment and internal pulp treatment.

There are varieties of dental treatments that are not offered by health insurance policies. It is understandable because insurance policies aim at catering to the basic needs of individuals and the most common dental treatments that will be needed by its clients.