Can You Get Coverage With a Preexisting Condition?

People who have a preexisting condition are often declined by insurance companies for health coverage. Some of these conditions are high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, sexually transmitted diseases, depression, and asthma. If you are trying to obtain a health insurance but your application keeps getting denied, don’t fret, you have other alternatives available.

An alternative you can look into is the Medicaid program. The Medicaid program is an assistance program that is being sponsored by the Federal Government. To qualify for a Medicaid, you need to belong in your state’s poverty level. This is being set by the Federal Government’s guidelines. To be considered for a Medicaid, your income should fall at $18, 310 for a family of 3. If you are earning this much, then you are probably going to qualify, and this is the only option for you and your family.

Another alternative is “self insuring” your family. This is basically a promise that you will be taking care of all of your family’s medical needs without asking for assistance from another company. In case a family member needs to seek medical attention, you are willing and able to pay for the bill. This may include doctor’s visit, laboratory procedures, specialized tests, and hospitalization. This may actually work to a person’s advantage. Most medical and dental offices are more than glad to accept cash rather than providing claim forms to insurance with a possible waiting time of up to 90 days for payment.

The final alternative is joining a discount plan. This is not insurance. You will be paying a monthly fee in exchange for discount plans that have been preapproved. Some lists are regional, while some can be used nationwide.  In case a family member needs to seek medical attention, select a provider from the plan’s available list. Schedule an appointment. After using the services of the medical professional, you will be asked to pay a discounted amount. Once you’ve paid for the discounted amount, transaction is done. You don’t have to fill in claim forms.

Most of the discount plans that are being offered in the United States have several additional discount choices you can select from: prescription drugs, vision care, identity theft protection, chiropractic drug, and many more.

A cautious healthcare consumer who is not under the states poverty limit but desires for an option to insurance can still shop and save enough money—enough money to be self insured along with the assistance of a discount plan.

People who have preexisting conditions and have been denied health insurance coverage have other alternatives to consider, which are able to insure future possible medical treatments.  You can avail of a Medicaid Alternative, be Self Insured, and join discount plans. If you feel that these alternatives are not for you, try researching for more from the internet. After all, no one knows your needs better than yourself. So keep yourself informed by researching for important information on insurance policies.