Case Management

People would always want to be loved and be taken care of. This is why there are different institutions made by the government to cater to these needs most especially to the needs of the abandoned children and our senior citizens. Then came case management to supplement the advocacies of these institutions.

Case management or care management is a collaborative process of planning, implementing, coordinating, facilitating, evaluating and monitoring the options and services to meet the individual’s health needs and human service needs by communication, resource management and cost effective outcomes. This focuses on meeting the client’s health needs.

In general, case management is a coordinating function that is made to help individuals to be linked in various services based on the needs being assessed. There is a need for rigid collaboration and coordination of care because this old people may require varied services from several providers and so they can also opt to choose an institution that will cater their needs.

Case management has been adopted worldwide to get the best help for the people who needs care most. This is focused to make the individual healthy at its best. This facilitates clients to be well having sound body and sound mind to reach the highest level of wellness, function capability and management of one’s self through education, communication, resource management, assessment and service facilitation.

Based on what the client’s needs, the case manager will link to varied service providers to give the maximum health and care settings while ensuring that during the process they will be well and safe. When optimum level is achieved the client, the service providers and the support system will get its best benefit.

Who are the case managers?
Case managers are social workers that help in providing care services to individuals and families of complex circumstances. They are health professionals and people who give health human services towards helping people live the best quality of life. The case managers always work closely to their clients to identify their needs and to achieve these goals. They are the one responsible to look necessary resources and available resources to meet the demands of their needs. These care managers are certified people to give services which mean that they educated, skilled and experienced to render services delivered based on a sound principle of the practice.

Where do we use Case Management?
It is a service delivery approach that has been adapted to a large number of settings which includes the situation in the community such as care for the aged, people with disability and health issues; employment programs, correctional services, injury management, managed care and child and youth health welfare.

Case management is a service delivered individually to clients upon assessment to develop a service plan. This plan will be based on the preferences of the client. Case management makes sure that the service is client driven rather than organization driven. This will be achieved through a direct communication among the client, the service provider, the support system as well as the payer.