Pre-existing Condition

A pre-existing condition is described as the condition that already exists upon health insurance application or it is also referred to as the condition that is currently present particularly in a medical context. Basically, pre-existing condition is more focused on the application of health insurance since the insurers are given the option to refuse in covering someone if in the event that the insured party has already a recent medical condition or the insurer may put a limitation on the insured’s coverage. The particular rule about the capacity of the insurance company to deny coverage prior to a pre-existing condition relies on either the federal or the state.

In cases where people are to apply for a health insurance, they may take note of the insurance company’s capability to eliminate some coverage that would possibly be utilized in a pre-existing condition. This is the reason why it is extremely difficult for most private insurance most especially to people who are suffering from chronic condition or to conditions that still needs treatment. It is significant to always remember that insurance companies as much as possible don’t like nor want to overspend money and it primarily wants to limit the costs. People in their best health are most likely eligible to applying in a private insurance since they are not prone to much risk of health problems. Health insurance enterprises could either sell high priced insurance policies to individuals with poor condition which does not include pre-existing conditions or refuse to have them insured.

Private companies may also offer affiliation period in which all the care prior to pre-existing condition won’t be provided for a number of months. Companies typically are not permitted to take both acts of imposing affiliation period at the same time exclude prior treatment prior to the pre-existing condition. It is usually that the other may be imposed and the other us not but it is also important to let people know that affiliation period in an insurance company is not really long.

The differences occur when the health insurance is only a part of the working benefit. If an employee belongs to a company that provides health coverage, it might be hard for the employer on its insurance to enforce limit on pre-existing conditions as well as affiliation period. The employer can impose one of the two sometimes but it is only limited to a year only.

Another way where in pre-existing condition can be used is in the event when doctors are in need to cure patients with an existing condition. Doctors might need to go back to the medical history of the patient in order to identify if the patient has a pre-existing condition that may affect and change the method of treating the current health problem. Treatment for varied illness has most likely a contraindications or possible indication as to either use or not use the kind of treatment if in case other condition exists. In this case, doctors must be meticulous enough to identify first pre-existing conditions in order to avoid worsening the health problem.