Seek And You Shall Be Insured: Health Insurance Denial

Your application for health insurance was denied because of your pre-existing medical condition. You scream, you bleed from the inside and you can’t possibly make it to the golden age if you don’t have one. So then, what are the options left for you?

Contact other Health Insurance Providers

Most of us are already disheartened because of our current insurance situation that we no longer seek other providers. We think that all providers are the same. Since you got rejected by one, then the rest will do so. This is not true. Some providers meet the needs of someone who have been denied of health insurance application. Some health care providers offer a plan, with additional risks on their part, which would include a higher amount as out-pocket pay. Also, some companies would refer you to join group insurance that doesn’t really require the insured to have medical certification as the risks involved are balanced out.

There are other health insurance providers that won’t bother you with questionnaires. Most of these health insurance plans though are just disguised plan that don’t really have much coverage. Take this only as a last resort when you have contacted all the insurance companies in your area.

Join the Government High Risk Pools

There are around 29 states that offer the options for high risk pools. These plans are made for those who are considered by some insurance companies as very high risk or those that can be considered as medically uninsurable.

These pools offer health insurance coverage to people who have been classified to have pre-existing medical condition. The premiums for these pools are much higher compared to the low risk plan. Also you will be charged with enormous medical bills even though you can have cover for it.

There are states that will terminate your cover in case legislation against the cover is approved. Also if you decide to use Medicare or Medicaid, this cover might become ineligible.

The HIPAA or Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act have also given hopes those who are denied of health insurance. This act mainly states that no individual who wishes to join a group health care plan can be denied health insurance for whatever reasons there may be. Once you have health cover for last 12 months then you can continue to get cover even though you have a pre-existing condition not unless there was a break in your cover.

These are just some of the things that you can do incase you were denied with your application. It is said that health is wealth. Investing wisely on our health insurance is surely one way to live a good life.