What Are The Advantages to a Base Plus Plan?

Before discussing the advantages of a base plus plan health insurance policy, let’s have a brief overview about it.

The base plus plan policy is an insurance product that covers a broad range of medical services as it is essentially a two-part health insurance. The first part of it is for basic medical coverage which includes everything from doctor visits, hospitalizations, medical examinations, and anything that is considered basic by the insurance company. The basic medical coverage part of the policy is always directly paid by the insurance company and the insured is not liable to pay anything as this is part of the terms agreed. There is however a limit set to the frequency of availing medical services covered under this first part of the insurance plan. The second part of the base plus plan policy on the other hand is a different issue. The second part of the plan is meant for major medical coverage which will not be completely covered by the insurance company and will require a copayment from the insured. Medical services that often fall into this category include surgeries, specific treatments, and etc. without any limits imposed on the frequency the service can be availed. Apart from this, a yearly deductible will be required before the insurance company begins payment for the major medical coverage part of the plan.

Now that we have reviewed the basic mechanics of the base plus plan, we now move on to the purpose of this article. What are the advantages to be gained by purchasing a base plus plan?

To be direct, the base plus plan policy is most cost-effective for individuals who are healthy. The first part of the policy completely covers everything that a healthy person might possibly need without any deductible. If you are a normally healthy person and you get sick, going to the doctor and having medical procedures like x-rays or blood work done is covered by the policy. Hospitalizations are even covered by the first part if the need ever arise. One downside to this is that a limit to the number of times you could avail a medical service is imposed. Despite the limit set by the terms, if you are a normally healthy person then the chances of exceeding the limit is less. Should the limit be ever exceeded however, it is often carried over to the major medical part of the coverage which will require a certain deductible for copayment of the medical services. In the rare case that the insured, although normally healthy, might require a specific medical treatment then it is still covered by the insurance plan requiring only a copayment.

The base plus plan insurance policy is for people who are looking to take advantage of a full breadth of medical coverage. It is both flexible and allows for more health care options. For individuals who value their freedom of choice and would like to take advantage of the broad coverage offered by the base plus plan then this is the most ideal insurance policy for you.