What Are the Three Components of Health?

As human beings, we consider health as wealth. It is the most important part of our well-being. Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being. We have the responsibility of taking care of our health. It is our choice if we treat it well or abuse it. Health is a very broad subject since it covers all aspects of our personality.

To know more about health, we should know its main components. One component is physical health and wellness. It is measured through a person’s physical strength, endurance and flexibility. Aside from those things, physical health may also cover nutrition, exercise, medical care and appropriate use of medical systems. Smoking and drinking alcohol do not have good effects on your body. There are 5 ways to improve your physical health. These are: talking to your doctor or health care provider, breathe, move, and lastly eat and drink well. Practicing these tips can enhance one’s physical health.

Another important part of our health is mental health. This does not only mean the absence of mental disorder but also realizing one’s potential, coping with stress, working efficiently and productively, and being able to contribute to his or her community. It is helpful to build confidence together with our family and friends by identifying our abilities and weaknesses together. We should also give and accept support. We should also be involved in community-building activities to have a sense of purpose and realize what we can do best for others. Taking good care of our mental health is also managing stress, since it is something that most of us experience in our everyday lives. In addition, it can also be beneficial if we learn to be at peace with ourselves, get to know our real selves and what makes us happy.

Being healthy is not just having a good physique and having a good disposition in life but one should also be socially healthy. This means that after taking good care of your physical well-being and understanding oneself we can now relate to others. Social Health is mainly concerned with how well an individual can relate to the people in his society. Social health has also become important with increasing evidence that those who are well integrated into their communities will have a greater possibility of living longer than those who isolate themselves and do not interact with others. Equal access to all must be a key foundation for society. Access to goods and services that allow citizens to contribute and to maintain their life must also be protected. The World Health Organization stated that the better an individual’s social health is, the better his overall health.

Most of us do not take good care of our health, but we should always remember that it should be the first thing that we consider as a gift – the gift of life. Our main purpose is to take full responsibility of keeping our bodies healthy. After all, “health is wealth”.