What are the Timely Filing Limits for BCBS?

For over 70 years, BCBS plans or the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Health Insurance have indicated peace of mind and security all over the United States. Nowadays, “BCBS” is the country’s biggest category of health advantage companies collectively concerning for about 84.7 million, or over than 1 in 4 Americans. If all of the members of BCBS cling together, they could possibly surround the Earth 3 ½ times.

The Blue arrangement is a kind of federation of forty two independent, locally functioned plans combined throughout the membership in the BCBSA or “Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association”. The Blue Cross organization and its member systems are dedicated to bring meaningful variations and modifications to the health care delivery and financing system in the United States.

The BCBS health insurance program offers coverage on health insurance in all fifty states, Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia. The “Blues” cover up all the sections of the population which would also include small businesses coverage, individual health coverage, as well as large employer coverage to cover families which lack access to cluster health insurance. For over 80% of the hospitals in United States and almost 90% of U.S based physicians recognize BCBS health insurance cards.

More than 3 quarters of Fortune One Hundred companies, as well as part of every Fortune Five Hundred companies offers the BCBS health insurance program to their workers. Outstanding Blue Corporate consumers include Boeing, AT&T, Wal-Mart and United Airlines.

On the other hand, the BCBS health insurance of Illinois explains the timely filing limits on its health program. It states that majority have Twelve (12) months commencing the time of service, nevertheless, it may vary depending on the agreement.

Alternatively, according to the Denial Code (CO 29) concerning the timely filing of insurance in case when the time perimeter in filing has already expired. Each insurance company has a time frame in which consumers can submit their claims. But if the claim is filed soon after the allocated time, for sure, the claim will be denied.

For great insurance companies which include Medicaid and Medicare, the time frame for filing claims is 1 year commencing the date of service. Hence, if an individual is contracted provider, for instance the BCBS or other insurance plans like Aetna and UHC, the time frame for filing claims can be much lesser as being specified in a provider contract. It may be 6 months or 90 days. The main rationale with this is that, if an individual goes outside the time limit for filing claims, a lot of insurance companies and majority of contributor agreements will restrict him from following the patient towards the denied balance. It will also develop weak consumer relations in making the patient recompense for the office’ neglect in the submission of claims

To attach confirmation of filing a claim on time, you can just reprint and at the same time attach the primary claim. You may also ask your software contributor to guide you throughout the reprinting of a claim together with the initial date. And lastly, there is no need of photocopying all claims in case it is necessary for you to establish timely filing.