Will Changing Insurance Plans Allow Me To Keep My Doctor?

We all need doctors—in school, at work, at home, public health center, military camps, and elsewhere. In cases concerning our health, we usually use our health insurance, most especially when we get sick or something terrible happens to us that very much concerns our health. Unfortunately, not all doctors accept certain health insurance policies, thus making you pay for a more expensive bill.

A number of insurance companies refuse to pay certain doctors of their set profession fee. If ever this case happens, the doctor would no longer accept such type of insurance as compensation. In that case, of course, as soon as the doctor no longer agrees to a certain insurance company’s compensation schedule, the doctor would no longer cater to the patients using such insurance. Unfortunately, we cannot pass judgment on whether a doctor must or must not accept the sum of money a patient is willing to pay. For one reason, we have a free enterprise organization of healthcare disbursement. Every doctor—in private practice, in hospitals, laboratories, and other health facilities—has the privilege to rate what he or she wants to charge.

We, as well, have to know that when payers compensate at the higher sum a doctor needs to be paid for, it would cost the patients extra in the shape of their premiums, co-pays, greater deductibles, and sometimes taxes as well. We have to be also alert, that sometimes, doctors may possibly replace plans, or insurers and payers might add or discontinue a certain doctor from year to year. At any time you make an appointment to your doctor, or replace insurance plans, it is at all times helpful to make sure whether you will be capable to see the doctors you usually see before.

If you really want to make sure that your insurance plan pays the doctor that you want to see, you sometimes have to ask that if the doctors you would like to see are more vital to you than what it costs to go to them. After which, you will have to contact their workplace and inquire which insurance plans they will accept repayment from. However, if you are limited to only a number of plans, then you would have to confirm with those plans to find out which doctors are on their record of providers. This information is regularly found on the insurance websites or the customer service of your insurance plan.

So remember that before something happens to you that would put your health at risk, you have to ask your doctor beforehand if they would accept the health insurance that you have. This case, it will save you the time and effort in searching for another doctor. It could also save you from spending money for transportation. In the end, we all know that it is hard to be ill. Whether or not our doctor accepts our insurance or not, it would be wiser to prevent getting sick rather than seeing a doctor for treatment.