Am I Protected Against Water Seepage?

Water Seepage is a frequent problem of most homeowners. Though frequent it may be, it is still not covered by any homeowners’ insurance. So, the only best thing all homeowners should do is to take care of their water tubes and have a plumber check it regularly to avoid water seepage. The policy of insurance for homeowners will not cover any water seepage that you have in your home. It will surely be neglected and refused. But an insurer can cover your water seepage damage under some certain special situations.

Will Water Seepage be Covered by Home Insurance?

No, it will not be covered. Standard Homeowners Insurance covers some water damage though, but it should be in a specific type. They will just cover water seepage damage if it is caused by such sudden event as a storm struck your place, or the pipe was struck by the lightning. Homeowners insurance will not cover damages caused by floods. You can purchase flood insurance in that case. It will not cover damages from water seepage but it covers damages due to heavy rainfall that soaked the interior of your house.

What Should Homeowners Do?

It is the homeowners’ responsibility to check their fixtures regularly. The homeowners should check if all the fixtures are maintained very well. If water seepage occurs make sure you will repair it as early as possible to avoid severe damage on it. Even a tiny leak can forms molds and it can cause more damage on your property. It will surely cause you headache if you won’t remedy it as soon as you can because it can cause several health disease. It is possible that you and your family will get asthma, sinusitis and even bronchitis if it won’t be repaired in a long period of time.

Homeowners’ insurance can cover mold damage only when it is caused by a storm. And if the homeowner’s house has many molds in it, he should let a professional cleaner clean it. The spores may spread more because of amateurs. It is very advantageous if you will regularly clean your house to avoid further damage.

Investigation of the damage will be conducted first before insurance companies give the money for the damage to the homeowner. Adjusters will inspect the damage and will determine if it caused by a sudden storm or it just leaked for a long period of time. So, it is just no use at all if the homeowner will lie to the insurance company. The only option that the homeowner has is to be honest at all times.

The moral lesson that should be pondered in this case is that we have to take good care of our things such as fixtures, furniture, or any personal belongings. If you don’t know the maintenance of these things, you should call or ask any one who is keen and has enough knowledge of how to fix these things. There are also varieties of books that are available in the market that you can buy.