Can The Insurance Company Visit And Inspect Your Home?

You finally found your dream house, and the whole family loves it. You have a huge lawn with really nice neighbors. School is easily reached by kids. You decide to buy it and you are now down to one last thing. You need to purchase insurance. Since purchasing a home is a big investment, it is important that your house is covered by the right policy.

But purchasing a policy for your home is not that easy, your home still needs to go through a home insurance inspection. The insurance company will visit your home and have it inspected to determine whether it is “insurable” or not. A property owner can not get a loan from the bank without presenting a home insurance.

Keep in mind that even though your home passed a general inspection, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your home is “insurable” and that it passed a home insurance inspection. A lot of home inspectors notice and comment on things that are unnecessary, they do this to make it difficult for property owners to obtain insurance. Home inspectors are not qualified to say what is “insurable” and what is not. Different insurance companies have different standards. It is still the insurance agent who can declare if a property is “insurable”.

There are several reasons why a home is considered “uninsurable”. A house that has been built for several years might be impossible to acquire insurance. Incomplete staircases, old wiring systems, and even vines and ivy are possible reasons an insurance company might decline to cover your home.

On the other hand, an insurer might not inspect your home. If they know more about your property and area then they will accept the description of the home. There are some cases when they will just take photographs and determine it from there. There are a lot of factors that insurance companies consider and all of them are different.

While making a deal with your realtor, ask him a lot of questions about the home you are about to purchase. This way, when an inspector comes to visit your home, you can walk through the house with the inspector. Let him point out possible problems, but make sure that everything that needs to be fixed has been done before the insurance provider even hears about the place.

In choosing a home inspector, look for the best inspector available. Somebody who will exactly point out to you what is going on in your probable home.

Home inspection is dependent upon the insurance providers. It is their choice whether or not they would like to visit your home before having it covered. But having an inspector check the place can be an advantage. When you have an inspector take a look at your home, you’ll know the possible problems you might encounter in the future. This way, you’ll be able to fix it even before it causes more damage. There are, however, some inspectors who will say that you need to change a lot of things in your home. So be careful in choosing the right inspector.