Common Areas

Common areas, with regards to real estate or real property rule, are the areas that are available for use by over one person. The common areas are those inside a building that are accessible for common use by all people, or groups of people, and those who are with them.

Common areas in a condominium or in a number of cooperative housing projects are those areas which are not possessed by a specific owner of the condominium or cooperative dwelling. Common areas may comprise of outdoor space, parking, recreation amenities, landscaping, fences, laundry quarters, and all other jointly employed space. Management is by a homeowners’ organization or cooperative board, which gather assessments from the owners and pays for maintenance, a number of insurances, repairs and materials for replacement of development in the common area. This can also be well illustrated using the area of a shopping mall. Separate stores or business establishments within the mall pay a portion of preservation based on the profit of the total store space in use.

Furthermore, the common areas belonging to the homeowner’s associations, condominium or accommodation complexes ought to have several attentions to etiquette. Common areas are shared by homeowners in an association or condominium with people of several backgrounds and various interests. More often than not, common areas have specific laws for use, which should be held on to by all sharers. As usual, one or more property users would most likely break these rules, or make an attempt to bend them. It is considered only suitable that all sharers in a property have to value any laws concerning use of common areas. Particular types of property such as swimming pools and laundry rooms might not have all laws evidently clear, but there are common rules one can follow.

For common areas that have swimming pools, one must stick to guest list policy. In addition, dressing properly is deemed as simple politeness. One has to keep away from intensely revealing bathing clothes, such as thongs, which are not decent in a public swimming pool. The sharers in this property could include children, thus, decent cover of private body parts is expected.

In common areas that comprise of health club amenities, one must wait for his or her turn before using exercise equipment if the health club is full of people. It is suitable to use a cardio instrument for just about 30 minutes when other people are lined up behind you. However, you can use these equipments for longer extensions of time when there is no one else waiting in line behind you.

In common areas such as playgrounds or grassy places, a few plain courtesies can please other residents. Some courtesies may include using suitable language and keeping away from cursing, trying not to smoke, especially when there are young children around, keeping your pets leashed, and cleaning up animal mess. Just try to remember that common areas are for everyone, and politely sharing such areas with other people will give us a peaceful day.