Do Homeowners or Comprehensive Insurance Cover Damage to an Auto From Grandchildren Throwing Rocks?

Typically, homeowners’ insurance policy normally has two parts. First is the property protection and the other is liability protection. Property protection typically covers the house and other structures such as garages, patios, fences and other fixtures standing in the land. It also covers personal items inside the house and living expenses. Liability protection covers claims from damages suffered by other people as a result of an accident which occurred within your property. This however does not include auto related incidents. Liability protection also covers medical payments for persons injured from accidents on your property. Comprehensive auto insurance covers the insured party’s vehicle which is damaged by other events aside from collision. Incidents like fire, theft, non-moving accidents,natural disaster, vandalism and impacts with animals. This type of coverage pays for the repair in case of damages and indemnification in case of total loss of the vehicle.

There were several questions raised concerning the scope of insurance coverage of a policy which involves different situations. Instances like broken glass windows, windshields and other damages of a car located within an insured person’s property are a few incidents which create a question of whether the damages are covered by comprehensive or homeowners insurance.

Homeowners’ insurance policy doesn’t include any auto- related losses in their scope of coverage. Homeowners’ insurance policy clearly express exclusion of any vehicle-related damages that a homeowner might suffer regardless of the cause and this includes auto damages resulting from grandchildren throwing rocks.

Comprehensive auto insurance covers any comprehensive damages or losses inflicted on the vehicle insured. This include minor or major repairs needed to restore the former good condition of a car. There is a list of exact coverage in the insurance policy which states the entire scope of coverage. Comprehensive insurance covers any damage to an auto from grandchildren throwing rocks primarily because this type of insurance coverage applies to comprehensive incidents and covers almost everything. This insurance is created and designed to protect the vehicle in case it is damaged due to other factors aside from road traffic accidents, which collision insurance cover. The scope of coverage for comprehensive insurance is not limited to what the commonly and clearly stipulated cause of loss like fire, theft and natural disasters but also extends to other comprehensive incidents like throwing of rocks. After all, this will not cost more than the damage of a car being burned. If for example you are driving and your grandchildren threw rocks resulting to damages in glass windows, the comprehensive insurance coverage you selected when you bought your insurance policy will take care of the damage. Your comprehensive auto insurance will pay for the costs spent for the reparation of the car due to the throwing of rocks. Comprehensive insurance is one wise way to protect you financially not just from disastrous events but also from minor accidents which requires an amount of money to fix. Although this is an optional type of coverage, a huge number of drivers still prefer to purchase comprehensive coverage.