Home Insurance – Are Damages From a Broken Pipe Covered?

Damaged water pipes can cause water leakage. Such is not covered by home insurance. You need to be careful and do a routine check-up.  You should always make sure that your pipes are running smoothly and working well. Home insurance companies usually reject claims, and say that the damages are due to the homeowner’s negligence.  Only when your request is proven will you get your claim; not for a broken pipe, however, but for the damages that the water has done.  In order to get claims for such situations, you should know what to do when it comes to maintenance and getting your claims. By reading this article you will know what to do when these things happen.

Home insurance cover certain cases of water damage. In most cases they don’t cover damages caused by flood. You need to purchase a different  type of insurance for floods. When you have a broken pipe, the company does not cover this type of incident. It only covers the rain that got inside the house because of the holes on the roof or a broken  window.  Negligence is very important in this situation. If proven that you did not do your job as a homeowner, you will be accused of negligence. That is why you should always be careful. You should also study and check with your insurance company what policies they apply for this kind of situation.  After the rain or storm has passed, check the area and look for damages.

As a the owner of the house, you have the biggest responsibility in making sure that your home is well maintained. If the damages are repairable, then do so to avoid more complications, or call a repairman to do the job. Check for any broken pipes, because they are the main cause of molds. It can also be harmful for your health. Home insurance covers molds only if it was due to natural causes like rains and storms. Make sure that you call the right man to do the job to ensure that no molds remain in the area.

Claiming money because of water damage might take too long. Insurance companies don’t give money out easily, because it might be because of your negligence. They usually send inspectors on the area to take pictures and evaluate if that leakage was because of the storm or your negligence.  Never cheat when it comes to insurance policies or else you might not get the amount that you were suppose to have, or worse, you will be taken out of the insurance policy.

Always keep in mind that insurance policies do not cover broken pipes, but the damage that water has done to your properties. Always give time to check your insurance policies, and take it in by heart so that you would be able to know all your rights as a homeowner. Always be a responsible homeowner so that  you won’t be caught with situations like these.  Never give them an impression that you are not doing your job.