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Total Loss
A incident involving damage to your property, such as the results of a fire or tornado, may result in a total loss, where nothing is salvagable

Total Annual Loan Cost
One of the things that can affect the equity on your home is a financial package known as a reverse mortgage, whihc allows you to tap into that equity.

Adhesion Insurance Contract
An adhesion insurance contract is one that all of us have signed, as this refers to a binding contract between you and the insurance company.

Additional Living Expense Loss
One of the important additions that you can add to your homeowner policy protects you from loss of use, such as when you are unable to live there after a fire.

Ad Valorem
Ad valorem taxes are a type of tax that is applied to your property by the government entities. You will see this as a part of your payment.

Accelerated Depreciation
In business it is common to accelerate the depreciation of an object in order to save on taxes, but bear in mind that this may reduce what you can recover from a loss.

Replacement Cost
In most cases, when you are looking at homeowner coverage, you will want to pay the extra money for replacement cost coverage on your items.

When your insurance company puts together the home insurance policies, they will lay out the perils that they are going to protect you from loss.

Non Recourse Mortgage
When considering your home, one of the possible financing methods is a non recourse mortgage, in which the mortgage is secured only by the property.

Named Perils
One of the types of insurance policies that you may encounter is called a named perils policy. This policy will only cover losses specifically laid out therein.

Mortgage Insurance Policy
When you get a mortgage, unless you put a certain amount of money down, the bank will require a mortgage insurance policy in order to protect them from loss.

Loss Control
Insurance and other companies seek ways in which they can minimize their risks of exposure to losses, and there are steps they take to reduce these risks.

Hazard Insurance
Hazard insurance is an important type of insurance that you will want to have in place so that you are protected from loss from these hazards.

Extended Replacement Cost
When it comes to insuring your home, you want to make sure that you are able to replace the home if it is destroyed, and that is what this coverage does for you

Generally speaking, a floater is something that may move from one area to another, such as furs, and these policies will cover these specific items.

We all face risks in our lives, and insurance is a way to limit the exposures and risks that we all face, as this shifts some risk to the insurance company.

Insurance is an important aspect of our overall financial health. There are two aspects to insurance coverage, the amount of coverage that you have and for what

Coverage Area
Because insurance is controlled be each of the states, you will need to have a policy in place that covers you where you live, or it could possibly be void.

Casualty insurance is a type of coverage that is designed to protect you from loss regardless of any liability issues.

Insurance Attorneys
When you are facing an insurance claim or have been the cause of an accident, it is important to have good advice, and a insurance attorney can help you.

Hurricane Deductible
Although the deductible for hurricane used to be much smaller, since Katrina these have increased to generally 2-4% of the amount of the claim.

When it comes to title insurance, encumbrance refers to any claims against the property, such as unpaid taxes, mortgages, or other property liens.

Do Homeowners or Comprehensive Insurance Cover Damage to an Auto From Grandchildren Throwing Rocks?
This type of protection is usually an optional policy that you can add to your liability coverage, but it is not part of a standard policy.

American Association of Retired Persons
The American Association of Retired Persons is an advocacy group for seniors that is dedicated to protecting all aspects of their financial life, and they have a variety of products intended to help the public.

Can My Home Be Insured If I’m Not Living There?
In most cases, you policy can be canceled if you leave you home for an extended period of time, but if you are being transferred, make them aware as soon as possible to see if they can help you.

What is Renter’s Insurance?
No matter what your landlord may have told you, your personal effects are not covered by their insurance policy, so you need to purchase rental coverage for yourself.

Property Coverage While Traveling
If you travel away from home a lot, you will want to ensure that your policy also covers your home while you are on the road.

Will the Insurance Company Raise My Coverage Without My Consent?
When you sign up for insurance, the company does reserve the right to increase the amount that you are covered for when they feel that market conditions warrant the increase.

Will My Insurance Cover The Theft Of a Laptop?
Coverage for loss from theft of your electronics is usually covered by policies in place, although work laptops make the coverage more complicated.

Will Insurance Cover Hidden Structural Damage?
Structural damage may or may not be covered as a part of your insurance policy, but regardless of the coverage, try to get the damage repaired before it gets worse.

Will Bankruptcy Affect My Ability To Get Insurance?
While bankruptcy will hang over you for a long time, the protection that it provides may be necessary, but bear in mind that your rates will go up for your homeowner’s coverage.

Once I Have Had a Claim For a Kitchen Fire, Will My Rates Increase?
Kitchen fires are common, but the risks can be minimized by common sense steps that you can take.

Home Insurance – Is Smoke Damage Covered by Insurance?
When your home receives smoke damage due to a fire, your home insurance policy should covers the repairs as long as you have fire insurance.

Is It Possible To Get Coverage After You Have Filed Three Claims?
Even with claims for water damage,dog bites, or slip and fall, you will still be able to get coverage, but the rates will be higher and the coverage may be less.

If Structural Repairs Are Needed, Will Insurance Cover The Cost?
Everything will need repair from time to time, but your insurance company will not provide you with protection against home maintenance.

Is My Home Insurance Coverage in Danger If I Take a Long Trip?
In most cases, you policy will limit the time that you can be away from your home to thirty to sixty days, so before a long trip, be sure to ensure that you are protected.

Renter’s Insurance – A Must or a Bust?
Your landlord’s insurance policy will only protect him from loss and damage to the structure, so you should also have renter’s insurance to protect you.

Home Insurance: Lessons From a Pet Lover
We all want to keep our pets happy, but we also need to consider the increased risk and possibly higher insurance rates that they will bring us.

Home Insurance: Reasons That Can Void Your Insurance Policies
Home Insurance: Reasons That Can Void Your Insurance Policies
It is raining outside with very strong winds. You are aware that a tornado is coming your way but you dare not move an inch. Carefully you count all of your material possessions and keep your list in a tightly sealed envelop and place it in a […]

If a Fire Is In An Apartment, Is The Tenant Or The Landlord Responsible?
Either the landlord or the tenant may be responsible for the cost of the damages from a fire, depending on the circumstances.

Can The Insurance Company Visit And Inspect Your Home?
Your insurance company will want to examine the home in order to make sure that your home is insurable so they do not have any surprises.

Home Insurance—Can Home Insurance Policies Be Transferred?
It is possible to transfer your insurance policy unless your specific company has a rule against it.

Home Insurance – Are All Residents Covered By Your Home Insurance?
Liability medical coverage should be a part of any policy, but in cases such as an intentional act, they will not protect you from loss.

Home Insurance- Is Flood Damage Covered?
Standard home insurance will not cover damage that is caused by a natural disaster such as a flood, so if you want protection, be sure to add this coverage.

Am I Protected Against Water Seepage?
Water seepage is commonly only covered by your insurance policy if a sudden event such as a storm cause the water to enter your home.

Am I Protected Against Earthquake Damage?
Earthquake damage is commonly not covered by standard insurance, so if you are in an area that is prone to these, make sure you add hazard coverage as well.

Home Insurance – Will Insurance Cover Damage From Vandalism Or Theft?
Vandalism and theft are a fact of life in some areas, and your insurance should cover the damages, especially if you occupy the property.

Home Insurance – Can It Cover The Reconstruction Of a Damaged Property?
When your home is destroyed due to an incident, you coverage may not be sufficient to rebuild the home, so it is important to meet with your agent to make sure that you are covered.

Are Falling Trees and Landscaping Damage Covered by Home Insurance?
When a tree falls on your property and damages your home or landscaping, you will usually be covered by your policy.

If Someone Is Injured In My Home, Am I Protected?
When someone is injured in your home, your homeowner liability policy is intended to help you to pay for their injuries and help them to recover.

Home Insurance – Can Jewelry Be Insured?
Expensive jewelry is typically not covered by a standard home insurance policy, so it is important that you add a rider to your coverage in order to see to it that you are protected.

Home Insurance – Are Damages From a Broken Pipe Covered?
Maintenance problems which result in damage are typically not covered by your homeowner’s policy, and the company usually will claim negligence.

Home Insurance – Are Collectibles Like Coins Covered?
When you have special items of value, such as a coin collection, it is generally a good idea to make sure that you have protections in place.

Will Insurance Cover Damages from Natural Disasters?
Natural disasters can affect any of us, and it is important to stay on top of our insurance coverage in order to ensure that we have the proper protections in place.

What You Should Know About Property Insurance
There are many things to consider when looking at how to protect your property, even security, but you will want to make sure that your insurance covers you from loss as well.

What to Know About Property Damage?
Property damage can happen to anyone, so it is important to ensure that your homeowner’s policy provides protection for this situation.

What is Legal Description?
When writing a contract, the legal description in mandatory, and the county will use this when recording the deed.

What is Home Insurance?
Home insurance is vital to your overall financial health, and it is important to make sure that your most valuable asset is protected from loss.

What is a Hazard Insurance Policy?
Hazard coverage is designed to protect you from a specific threat, such as a dam failure, and this is a supplement to a standard comprehensive policy, but you need to ensure that you do not have redundant coverage.

Home Insurance – What is Personal Property Coverage?
You will also want to make sure that your homeowner’s policy covers the contents, or the personal property, and it is a good idea to spend the extra for replacement cost coverage.

Understanding Perils in Home Insurance
Our home and property are at risk from a number of factors, and the insurance policy for your home will state the perils that you are protected from.

Flood Insurance
Flood insurance is intended to pay for damages that are caused by flooding, as this type of loss can be devastating.

Effective Age: How “Old” Are Your Properties?
If you keep your home in good repair and upgrade it occasionally, you effective age will be higher, and you will have a higher value.

What Is Assessed Value?
All of us pay property taxes on our homes, and the amount that we will pay is based on the assessed value of the property.

What is Actual Cash Value?
With cash value, the insurance company will account for depreciation before they give you a payment for your lost or damaged items.

Dwelling Coverage
Dwelling coverage does not typically cover the contents you own, but it will ensure that you are compensated in the event that the building is damaged or destroyed.

Let’s Talk about Depreciation
Depreciation is something that you need to keep in mind when calculating your insurance needs, because if the policy is not indexed for replacement value, you may receive far less than what it will cost to replace.

Condominiums or Multi-Level Family Housing
Living in a condominium is very convenient, cheaper than a single family home, and you will be able to enjoy many more amenities.

Insuring Your Condominium
When you own as condominium, you will need to have coverage to protect the interior of your unit and its contents.

Chattel is non permanent property that includes the equipment associated with a property, and it is sometimes held in a chattel mortgage.

Casualty Insurance
Casualty insurance will protect you from liability when someone or something is damaged or injured at your home or place of business, but it does not protect your person or property.

What is a Blanket Insurance Policy?
Blanket insurance policies are good protections for you when you are trying to protect multiple asset classes.

What Is Appreciation?
As your home continues to increase in value, it is important to make sure that your level of insurance protection continues to stay with that level.

Accidents and Accident Insurance
Liability from accidents or injuries around your home or property can impact you financially, so it is important to get accident protection in place.

Common Areas
Common areas are those areas that all members of a condominium complex will share with each other as a part of the fees that they pay.

What Are Some Factors You Should Reconsider For Home Insurance?
Many different factors can affect your home insurance costs, even the age of the home and where you live.

Flood Insurance For Your Home And Why You Need It
Flood insurance is separate from your regular homeowner’s insurance, but it will save you from devastation if the unthinkable happens.

What Are Some Ways To Save On Homeowner’s Insurance?
There are many steps that you can take that will lower your overall home insurance costs, and we will look at some of them.

Does Traditional Home Insurance Have Coverage on Water Damage?
Will my home insurance policy cover water damage? This is something that many of us ask when it is too late. We are going to take a look at some of the things to consider when you are contemplating if you have concerns about whether you have the proper coverage in place.

What is Covered by a Home Insurance Policy
It is important for homeowners to understand just what is and is not covered by a home insurance policy, and to compare various coverage offers very carefully

How Are Home Insurance Rates Calculated
How are Home Insurance rates calculated? Each Insurance Company is different but there are a few correlating factors that determine home insurance rates.

All About Flood Insurance
Learn the ins-and-outs of Flood Insurance and why it’s a must have for some homeowners.