Home Insurance: Lessons From a Pet Lover

Most of us apply for home insurance to insure that our home is well protected from any forms of accidents and such. This also covers our family members and our loved ones. Well, for most Americans they consider their pet dog or cat an important member of their family too. And most of them want to insure them in case they are harmed or injured. This is not the case though in every home insurance company.

Home insurance companies see your pets as potential “killers” and the last thing that they want to do is to give coverage for it. They might even be the reason why your insurance premiums are really expensive and that is to cover for any damages that your pets might do to your house and your family. But fear not, for some insurance offers pet health insurance for your pets which are currently suffering from any pre-existing condition.  This type of insurance can be use when your pet goes to the vet for hospitalization and the like.

Even though home insurance does not cover your pets specifically, they can however increase your liability coverage in case your pets do something against your neighbor like bite them or destroy their gardens. They are considered as a risk and therefore additional coverage premium must be given for it. Of course not all pets are risky as they say especially if your pet is just a rabbit or a bird. But, for cases like dogs, cats or other pets which can actually inflict damage, then it is considered as a risk.

To prevent yourself from paying a far too expensive premium you can have your pets neutered or spayed as soon as they hit the right age. This will help you in keeping them under control. Also, you can build fences or walls that will prevent your pets from biting anyone who will come near him. As much as earlier train him to be around with people as this can lessen his aggressiveness towards the humans. Rabid cases belong to the top reason why children are being sent to the hospital. It is the owner’s responsibility to make sure that their pets are all well vaccinated and have received shots of anti rabies.

There are certain breeds of dogs that insurance companies really look out into. Dogs such as German shepherds, Bulldogs and Pit bulls have numerous cases of human attacks and most likely will require certain documents to be presented to the insurance company such as a vet’s recommendation to be able to have your insurance approved.

If you really want to have coverage for your pet, then it is advisable that you apply for pet insurance which is different from home insurance. With pet insurance, you can have coverage for hospitalization bills of your pets. Pet insurance is commonly called veterinarian insurance since most of the coverage is to pay for the veterinarian who can treat or cure your pets.

Sometimes, our pet is the only companion we have for many years. We want to share the joy, the pain as well as the assurance that they can be taken care of too in case some misfortune walk across their path.