Home Insurance – Will Insurance Cover Damage From Vandalism Or Theft?

Getting a home insurance can protect your belongings, family, home, and other valuables. Unexpected events can happen that can make you vulnerable from certain things like accidents, natural disasters, theft and vandalism. Replacing or rebuilding your properties is what this insurance is all about. Your home is not the only one covered with home insurance it also protects your family, pets and some of your belongings.

Most people get confused what their home insurance covers, most especially when it comes to vandalism or theft.  They don’t know the limitations and boundaries on how much they can claim or what they can’t. In this article you will know how theft and vandalism are being covered by home insurance.

The policies that home insurance have usually covers the damage and loss of your property due vandalism or theft. Vandalism has different forms. One is graffiti, which could be in a form of written words or paintings made on the wall without the owner’s consent. Insurance policies also cover theft but there are a lot of limitations for such incident.

There are a lot of limitations to your coverage, especially when your home was unoccupied when the vandalism or theft occurred. Vacant homes have higher probabilities of being vandalized or robbed. You should inform your insurance company when you are planning to vacate your house, so that you will be able to discuss your options. If you don’t, they might cancel your coverage without notifying you, or you might not get your claim if something happens to your property.  Every insurance company has its own guidelines to follow when it comes to vacant houses. They may extend your coverage, but there are lots of limitations for vacant houses compared to those that are inhabited by their homeowners. It is important that you talk to your insurance company.

When vandalism or theft occurred, you should know the proper documents for the things lost and a content list. Some insurance companies do the following tasks for you: from documenting, to preparing your content list, to reviewing the damages, and to taking pictures for the damages. You should have a complete and very accurate content list of the documents, to be able to get an accurate value for your claim. Learning to negotiate on how things work would be an advantage. In this way, you would be able to get the highest settlement for your claim in your insurance company.

Never hesitate to ask questions. Don’t just let them do the whole process, so that you would have a clear idea how your coverage works and the amount of settlement you would get. Before anything else you should know what your contract is all about before signing, so that when this kind of incident happens, you would be prepared. You should also know your rights as the property owner.

Overall, having home insurance can assist you when vandalism or theft happens. Vacant homes have different coverage and more limitations than those which are occupied. Learn to prepare all the documents to get the appropriate amount of settlement for you. Protect your family and belongings with home insurance.