If Someone Is Injured In My Home, Am I Protected?

Accidents happen, whether at your own home, your neighbor’s house, the playground or even the clubhouse. But what if somebody got injured at your own home, what do you do? The first you’d probably want to know is whether you are covered by your insurance. We’ll find that out in a while.

The first thing you do if someone got injured in your home is call for medical help. Next thing to do is to contact your insurance agent, and tell him about the accident that has just happened. If the injury is minor, then your agent may be able to handle the claims over the phone by multiple calls. What your agent needs to know is what really happened, what the injured person needs, and the adequate coverage. If it’s a major injury, an insurance adjuster is most likely to handle the claim.

Once an insurance adjuster takes charge, the homeowner can now let the insurance company take matters into their hands. Here are the possible scenarios during the claims investigation. First, the insurance adjuster will obtain a complete report of the accident; both the victim and homeowner are required to provide their statement. Second, call on experts, if required. Third, take testimony from witnesses. Fourth, look through the accident site and gather evidence. Fifth, get a copy of the medical report from the injured party’s doctor. Sixth, the case will be open until it is known whether the injuries are permanent, will heal or they are ongoing. Lastly, once the injury has been cleared, time to settle the claims.

Settling claims are not always an easy breezy process. The best scenario would be a simple process where the insurance adjuster determines the degree of injury of the victim, what caused the injury and finally settling the claim for coverage. However, it doesn’t always work that way. Problems may arise during settling of claims. These possible problems are: First, the argument between two parties as to who started the fight and whose fault it is. Second, arguments over the degree of injury the victim has suffered. Third, argument whether the homeowner intended to injure the victim. Finally, if the homeowner has enough liability coverage for the injury caused.

Once it has been proven that the insured homeowner caused the victim’s injuries, the insurance company will be liable for the following expenses: medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering, wrongful death, permanent disability and punitive damages if the carelessness was willful. If the damages caused are greater than what the insurance company can cover, then the homeowner will be required to pay for the remaining amount.

When the situation becomes more complicated and settlement seems impossible, both parties will need to settle the problem in court. Both parties will be given a personal injury attorney who will act to protect their interests. The insurance company will be the one to provide a legal guidance. There are some cases when the injured party may be exaggerating to get more compensation. Insurance company lawyer’s have probably handled cases like these and would be able to detect any deception.