Once I Have Had a Claim For a Kitchen Fire, Will My Rates Increase?

To avoid having your insurance rates increase, make lesser home insurance claims. Home insurance is something that everyone needs, and hope they won’t need to use it. Keep in mind that the more insurance claims you file, the more you need to pay for your premium, the harder it will be for you to look for affordable insurance coverage.

To reduce your chances of filing for a claim, the best thing to do is take necessary precautions. Insurance companies are here to help you once an accident has happened, but it’s better to take safety measures as well. This way insurance claims are also reduced, which makes the homeowner a “low risk” and it will be easier to look for affordable insurance policies.

One of the most common causes for insurance claims is due to home fires. Yes, even small kitchen fires can increase your premium. If negligence was the cause of the fire, your damages might not be covered by your insurer and you might pay for all expenses. If it has been proven that you have been negligent and did not provide enough protection to lessen the possibility of having a kitchen fire, then this might cause for your insurance policy to be non – renewable. This will also make it difficult for you to look for an affordable insurer.

To avoid having to deal with these kinds of problems, better take precautionary measures and prevent the start of a fire in your home. To reduce the amount of damage a fire can do to your home, take note of these following tips.

First, clear away any material that can add fuel to fire, such as trees, firewood, or gas. These things can add to the damage and insurance claims. Having these things near your home can cause a greater risk of damage. Looking for a cheap insurance quote might become difficult as well.

Second, have fire extinguishers all over your home. Keep in mind that when a fire occurs, you won’t have the time to run around the house and look for a fire extinguisher. By the time you come back, the fire might have spread. Investing in fire extinguishers can prevent serious claims.

Third, don’t overload your electrical sockets. It is suggested that homeowner’s use one appliance for each socket, and don’t forget to unplug appliances when it is not in use. Fire that started from electrical sockets can also cause insurance claims.

Fourth, install smoke alarms. Having smoke alarms all over the house will alert you whenever you are not in the room, where fire is starting to build.

Talk to your agent regarding your insurance policies. They will be able to tell you which preventive measures you can take to lower the risk of insurance claims. Remember that the fewer minor insurance claims you have, the lower your premiums will be. In addition to that, renewing your policy or looking for another insurer will not be that difficult. Even if it is just a small kitchen fire, this can cause for your premium to increase. So, take preventive measures in your home.