Will My Insurance Cover The Theft Of a Laptop?

If it is stated in your policy that you are covered for theft, then it is possible that your home insurance can cover you for that. Any personal property that has been stolen is covered, no matter what property it may be. There are some limits to this, for example, the laptop is mainly used for business purpose, but the laptop was stolen from your home. You’ll have to check in your policy in the section for “Personal Property”. Keep in mind that theft claims can have an adverse effect on your record. Several claims due to theft can make your policy non-renewable.

There are some people who do not give enough thought of protecting their homes from theft. Some think that purchasing homeowner’s insurance is just a waste of money and that security can not really be bought. There’s a false feeling of security, living in a safe neighborhood and that crime only happens to other people. However, people have been beginning to be careful since incidents like theft and unexpected disasters can occur anytime.

Take note of theft prone items from your home, in case an unexpected incident happens you know which valuable items are missing. Evaluate the contents of your home, in case of loss or theft; this will determine the replacement costs.

Electronics are one of the most stolen items. Electronics are easily pawned or sold, that’s why thieves think of them as hot commodities. Some electronics that are usually stolen are television, DVD players, music components, personal computers like laptops and other gadgets. These items are also considered high priced; trying to replace them could cost you a lot of money.

In your list of electronics, highlight the most expensive ones. Place the model name and serial numbers, and don’t forget to record the date of purchase. Receipts are also essential.

Make sure that the homeowner’s insurance you purchase will cover for all of your items, in case it has been damaged or lost. Replacing these items can cost you a lot of money, better to be sure that your policy can cover this.

At the moment, laptop insurance is being sold by various insurance companies. Laptop insurance is a special insurance and is only made to protect your laptop or any other devices associated with it, in case something unexpected happens. Coverage includes printers, software and other external devices. Insurance companies are very strict regarding coverage for laptop insurance policies. Most insurance companies will only pay for the laptop if it is due to accidental damages. For example, the laptop was inside your car and the door was locked. Insurance companies should be able to cover for it, since precautionary measures have been taken by the insured. But if the car was unlocked, then insurance companies have the right to deny the claim. Accidental damages mean that you did everything to protect your laptop, but it was still stolen.

Both a homeowner’s insurance and laptop insurance can cover for your laptop, in case it has been stolen.