Insurance Articles

Accumulation Unit Value
As a part of an insurance product such as an annuity, the accumulation unit value is used in order to perform the investments in the market.

Accumulation Period
With life insurance and annuities, there is a period of time when the annuity is gaining value, and this is referred to as the accumulation period.

Accrued Interest
Your life insurance policy may invest in a number of different things, and one of these is a bond. Accrued interest is an important calculation on yield.

Accredited Advisor in Insurance
If you really want to advance your career in the insurance field, one of the certifications that your should strive for is the AAI, as it puts you at the top of the field

Account Current
The “account current” is a type of statement that is issued to agents in order to show them how they are financially doing so that they can focus their efforts.

Accidental Death Benefit
One of the ways that you can ensure that your family is taken care of in the event of an accident is to add an accidental death rider to your policy.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance
One of the types of riders that you can purchase for a life insurance policy is referred to as accidental death and dismemberment coverage, and it adds another coverage layer.

Accident Severity
When looking at the amount to pay on a particular claim for a loss after an auto accident, they adjuster will examine the severity of the accidents.

Accident Insurance
It is impossible to legally drive in the United States without accident coverage, and it is also important for your finances as well.

Accident and Sickness Insurance
We all want to have good health, but none of us knows the future, and disability insurance will protect our finances if we are unable to work.

When looking at life insurance policies, you will receive a number of different offers, and once you accept one of them, they will run tests to see if you can receive coverage.

Accelerated Depreciation
In business it is common to accelerate the depreciation of an object in order to save on taxes, but bear in mind that this may reduce what you can recover from a loss.

Abusive Tax Shelter
There are a number of different ways that you can use life insurance in order to lessen your tax risk, but watch out to make sure that you don’t risk an audit.

Absolute Liability
No matter who is at fault as a result of an incident, you may be found in absolute liability, which means that you are financially liable for the incident.

Abandonment Clause
Most of the time, this type of policy applies to boat policies, but this also applies to some other policies, such as some auto policies.

Subaccount Charge
When it comes to your investments, those that are funded through subaccounts face a number of different fees to the bank or agency for managing the account.

Stop Loss
Part of the reasons why life insurance is so affordable is the way that they invest the money used for premiums, and a stop loss is a way to protect gains.

Stock Insurance Company
With a stock insurance company, not only can people invest in them, but in a lot of cases, the policy holders also own a piece of the company.

Statutory Reserve
As a part of ensuring that the life insurance company is able to survive over the long haul, the law requires that they hold back a certain amount of reserves.

State of Domicile
With state regulations, all insurance companies must be licensed before they are allowed to write policies, and the state of domicile is where they are based.

Standard Auto
With auto insurance policies, a standard auto insurance policy is for those that have good driving records and no major red flags.

When ensuring that your life insurance company will be there for the long term, you need to consider its solvency or financial stability.

Separate Account
When investing in an insurance policy such as life insurance plan, separate account is one of the ways that investments are handled by advisers.

Secondary Market
In the field of insurance, the secondary market refers to when people go through an intermediary, such as an agent, in order to purchase their coverage.

Risk Retention Group
It is created to essentially help people and businesses that have troubles in acquiring a liability insurance in a traditional insurance enterprise

Risk Management
Risk management is one of those ways that companies can reduce their health care costs, as it makes their employees less likely to become injured.

Risk Class
With life insurance, just like with all other types of insurance, the company will calculate the risk of offering coverage based on the customer’s risk class.

Return on Policyholder Surplus (Return on Equity)
In insurance, return on equity is also called the return to policyholder surplus which means the sum of the net income after tax plus the unrealized capital earnings prior to the present policyholder surplus that is expressed in a percentage form.

Residual Benefit
Many companies offer disability coverage as a part of health insurance, which is referred to as a residual benefit, in order to help them through an illness.

In order to ensure that your life insurance company is going to be stable for years, they will hold back reserves, and many states require this.

Replacement Cost
In most cases, when you are looking at homeowner coverage, you will want to pay the extra money for replacement cost coverage on your items.

No insurance plan is in effect forever, and health insurance is no different. These policies face a renewal term in which the rates are adjusted each year.

In order to reduce the risk that the insurance agency faces from potential claims, one of the things they will do is take our reinsurance.

Reinsurance Recoverables to Policyholder Surplus
This is an important measurement of financial strength, as it shows how dependent the company is on other insurance companies.

In the field of life insurance, the term “re-entry” refer to when you are eligible to get level term coverage if you meet health requirements.

Reciprocal Insurance Exchange
Once of the considerations when looking at ways to save on health coverage is referred to as an insurance exchange, where they pool resources and risk.

Quick Liquidity Ratio
One of the things to look at when considering the strength of a company is the quick liquidity ratio, or the ability to easily cover short term needs.

Quick Assets
When looking at the strength of your life insurance company, one of the asset classes to consider is their quick assets, or assets easily convertible into cash.

Qualifying Events
When you want to make changes to your health insurance policies outside of open enrollment, you will need to have a qualifying event occur.

Qualified High Deductible Health Plan
One of the ways that you can save on your health insurance premiums is by participating in a high deductible health plan and transfer some risk to you.

Protected Cell Company
A protected cell company is a special type of insurance company allowed in some areas where one entity is made up of numerous protected cells.

In order to ensure that your life insurance company is going to be there when you need them, it is important that they are consistently profitable.

Private-Passenger Auto Insurance Policyholder Risk Profile
One of the best things that you can do in order to have a positive influence on the auto insurance rates that you are charges is to lower the risk you pose.

Pretax Return on Revenue
All insurance companies need to find ways to maximize their profits and returns on investments, and life insurance companies are no different.

Pretax Operating Income
It is important to consider the stability of the life insurance company that you are going to trust for your life insurance coverage and operating income is important.

Premiums refer to what you have to pay for the coverage of the insurance policy, and auto insurance is no different.

Premium Unearned
When you set up your life insurance policy, one of the things that you must think of is unearned premiums, or the premiums that you have paid ahead.

Premium Earned
When looking at the profitability of your agency or insurance company, the premiums earned is one of the things that we should consider.

Premium Balances
Premium balances is classified as the payment and agent’s balances in the course if collection; agent’s balances, premiums and repayment booked but deferred and not yet owed.

Preferred Provider Organization
In the field of health insurance, one of your options is a PPO, or preferred provider organization, in which costs are controlled in the network.