American Mayflower Life Insurance

American Mayflower Life Insurance Co.
125 Park Avenue, 6th Floor
New York, NY 10017-5529
Ph 888-265-5433

American Mayflower Life was established in 1964 in New York City and was formerly known as Animal Insurance Company of America.  Later, American Mayflower Life has become a subsidiary of First Colony Life Insurance Co. as well as GE Finance Assurance Holdings Inc.  Almost 95% of American Mayflower Life Insurance operates in New York, but they also have their national and regional offices in Connecticut, Florida, New Jersey, Maryland, Rhode Island, and Virginia.

American Mayflower Life mainly offers life insurances.  They have term as well as universal life insurance.

Here are some terms they offer in their term life insurance:
–    Terms of 5, 10, 15, 20, or even 30 years are available.
–    There are short terms for ages 50 and 55 for mortgages as well as business loan.
–    People who ages up to 75 could also avail term life insurance.
–    They also have guaranteed level premiums insurance for length of term.
–    After the chosen term period lapse, there will be a yearly increase in premiums until the insurance holder reaches 80.
–    The insurance holder may convert his chosen policy to permanent life policy that is created exclusively for this purpose.
–    Same face valued should be written for permanent life policies, but with higher premium than term insurance.
–    Special rates are offered and available for those who does not smoke, clients with good health history such as people without history of low blood pressure, low cholesterol, cancers, no genetically-induced cases leading to early death, and no substance abuse.

The term life insurance is the most affordable insurance of all.  The policy terms are convertible and renewable with insurability.

The whole life insurance that American Mayflower offers has 2 types.  One is “limited payment whole life insurance” and the other one is “whole life” insurance. The only difference is the period of premium payment.

In cases that if the person who is insured is totally disabled, premium payments would be waived until the time of recovery or during the time of disability. But, by the time that the insurance holder reaches 60, the charge for the policy’s premium will be changed.

Today, American Mayflower Life Insurance continues to improve their services to people, community, and their employees; leaded by their current president, Mr. William C. Goings.  American Mayflower Life Insurance of New York holds over $9.5 billion of insurance policies.

American Mayflower Life services are known for their quality and efficiency.   Recent surveys rate American Mayflower’s services.  These are their actual ratings:
–    AM Best      –    A+
–    Fitch          –    AA-
–    Moody’s     –     Aa3
–    S&P             –    AA-

Even actual review of consumers gave an excellent feedback for American Mayflower.  So if you need to be insured and searching the best insurance that fits you, try getting information about American Mayflower Life Insurance services.