American Modern Insurance Group, Inc.

American Modern Insurance Group, Inc.
7000 Midland Boulevard
Amelia, OH 45102-2607
United States

American Modern Insurance Group, Inc., a subsidiary of The Midland Company, was founded in 1965 and operates with an estimate of  half a dozen casualty and property insurance subsidiaries. The company maintains and offers specialty insurance products and services for target markets that includes manufactured housing coverage, long-haul truck coverage, and  classic cars coverage.

The Company is a well known specialty insurer with a license and a writing business in all the fifty states.

The Company offers specialty insurance products and services which includes manufactured homes, collector vehicles, boats, motorcycle and ATVs, snowmobiles and the like.  It also provides insurance coverage to specialty dwellings like vacation houses, vacant homes, properties that are for rent, or homes that do not need full coverage.  Other services that the company provides are blanket hazard insurance, lender placed hazard, debt consolidation, collateral protection, blanket single interest, forced order flood, and loan and lease tracking.   Other of the company’s subsidiaries offer also credit life insurance.

The Company does not rely on largely placed advertisement, instead, it relies heavily on word of mouth with a large independent network of agents.  These agents are well trained to be versed in any insurance product the company offers by undergoing a six-week training regimen that combines principles with hands on experience.  By doing this, the company believes that its agents and adjusters are able to understand every situation and thus provide a solution to each.

A study was conducted by a third-party research firm in 2008 which showed that ninety one percent of the respondents would recommend the company to friends and family, while ninety two of the respondents had plans to renew their policies with the company.

The company has gained the trust and financial stability to be rated a solid A+ rating by A.M. Best.

The company’s policies are mainly centered on its values which is largely emphasized by practicing corporate leadership, creativity, humility, integrity, personal growth, propriety, strong work ethics, and teamwork.

The key point persons of the company are John W. Hayden (President and Chief Executive Officer), Todd Gray (President), and Juergen Kammerlohr (Chief Finance Officer).

The company also believes in helping the environment and is acting in giving back to the community.

The company supports the green campaign with the start of  a program called the TREE2 campaign which is aimed at reducing the number of paper used for billing purposes by encouraging its customers and clients to sign up for electronic billing.  In 2008, the company planted longleaf pine seedlings in areas that were ravaged by hurricane Katrina and hurricane Rita.  In the offices, employees are reminded to recycle as much as they can, while papers of confidential matters are shredded and sent for recycling.

To encourage our customers to sign up for electronic billing, we started the TREE2 program. The goal is to reduce the amount of paper used in billing, both from the company and also from our customers. With 1.4 million policyholders, a lot of paper runs through the mail.

The company currently supports the following programs in Cincinnati:  Eastside Youth Athletic Trust Fund, Clermont 20/20, Adopt-A-Family, University of Cincinnati, Xavier University, Miami University, Children’s Hospital and Mercy Hospital, Clermont Senior Services, Amelia, Batavia and Milford Schools, and the Boy Scouts of America.

In the pursuit of its green campaign, the company aims to have a carbon-neutral footprint by 2012.  It believes that this can be achieved by using a cooling system with the use and production of ice.