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American Sterling Insurance
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American Sterling Insurance is part of the American Sterling Corporation, which, in turn, is part of the American Sterling Group of Companies. The group of companies previously owned American Sterling Bank, but still maintains its insurance services. The American Sterling Corporation owns two companies that have to do with insurance: the American Sterling Insurance Services and the American Sterling Insurance Company.

The American Sterling Insurance Services (ASIS) is a consulting firm and an insurance brokerage company. It was originally based in Kansas City, but the corporate offices are now located in California.

The company offers welfare benefit products for employees, medical plans, and coverage in the event of a casualty. Its clients are mostly from the business and corporate field. Among its employee benefit products are group life insurance, disability coverage, and medical and dental benefits. Commercial products offerings are include coverage for property and worker compensation plans.

One of the featured products of American Sterling is the Sterling Benefit Solutions (SBS) Limited Medical Plan. The SBS Plan is offered at an affordably low monthly cost. It is flexible, having a wide offering of different types of coverage. ASIS’s organization has a national scope. It has a Third Party Administration department, making it a unique insurance brokerage and business consulting company.

Aside from American Sterling Insurance Services, American Sterling also owns the American Sterling Insurance Company. The latter is more specific in scope, in that it handles only two general products: the Low Limit Auto Program and the Lender Representation & Warranty Program.

In the Low Limit Auto Program, clients are given liability insurance for their vehicles. The policies have 30- to 90-day periods. The coverage’s average monthly premium costs around $110, but it may not be applied to high performance or high value automobiles. The Low Limit Auto Program is available in Arizona, Kansas, and Nevada.

The Lender Representation and Warranty Program, on the other hand, protects mortgage lenders from warrants and other representations in the event that they sell the loans to the secondary market. The program is handled by PBIS Insurance Services, Inc. of the Prieston Group, which is based in Novato, California.

The American Sterling Corporation itself has around 501-1000 employees. ASIS and the American Sterling Insurance Company share some of the same people among their board of directors: chairman Michael Thompson, and founding chairman and director Lawrence Dodge. Thompson has worked with American Sterling since its formation, and is now the president and chief operating officer of the corporation and most of its subsidiaries. Dodge is responsible for establishing American Sterling in 1977, and is currently the chief executive officer and majority stockholder of the entire American Sterling Corporation with all of its subsidiaries. Other members of the company’s Board of Directors are Ron Dearden, who also holds several prime positions in ASIS, and Kristina Dodge, an outside director of the company.