Austin Mutual Insurance Company

Austin Mutual Insurance Company
P.O. Box 1420
Maple Grove, MN 55311
Ph 800-328-4628

If you are looking for an associate insurance company that can provide financial strength and market stability at the same time, then the Austin Mutual Insurance Company is the perfect partner for you.

The Austin Mutual Insurance Company, which was started by 25 representatives from southern Minnesota township mutual insurance companies, came to life as a small firm that offered farm owners’ insurance policies. Today, the 100-year- old, Minnesota-based company offers various insurance policies that include auto, home, business and even workers’ compensation policies. It also operates in nine other states in the U.S., namely Idaho, Arizona, Montana, South Dakota, Oregon, Utah, Wisconsin and Washington.

This insurance company from the Wild, Wild West is currently handled by various outstanding people combined into a team, led by chairman, president and chief executive officer Jeffrey Kusch, vice president, treasurer and director Harry Dell and Security and Networks assistant vice president Thomas Jansa.

The 100-man company is not your ordinary insurance company for it provides flexibility and choices in its policies. For auto policies, policyholders are given a choice on what they should include in their plans. On the other hand, the homeowners’ plan provides different programs and features that costumers can choose from, plus the freedom to choose their time frame. In addition, they also offer umbrella plans for unexpected and unwarranted liabilities, like bodily harm and damage.

Aside from providing clients the freedom to choose what insurance is perfect for them, Austin Mutual also offers various payment methods such as online transactions, pay by phone, or even pay by mail, in order to cope up with the flexible and ever-changing needs of its clients.

In order provide guidance and aid from its future and current policyholders, claimants, vendors and employees, Austin Mutual manage to have agents and agencies, stores, online and offline call centers, and a world-class finance corporation available 24 hours, seven days a week. It has created the Austin Customer Experience (ACE) to provide positive experience with each customer support contact, for it believes that customer service is not just a task but an attitude, too, to provide premium service.

Trust – this is the key element which makes Austin Mutual successful. It believes in the capacity of its policyholders and respects their decisions for they are the key element for the company to survive.

Another key that makes this firm unique is that it believes that charity works are a duty to return the blessings that it receives every year. Last year, Austin Mutual gave financial aid to the Baskets of Hope Program, a program connected to Emergency Foodshelf Network, Inc. or EFN, in which employees distributed meal packages to Twin Cities Families that are in need.

According to Austin’s 2009 Annual Report, for over 95,000 policyholders, its revenue has increased for approximately eight percent. On the other hand, approximately $8 million was added to the growing policyholders.