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If you are someone who leads a mobile career and lifestyle, chances are, you make your safety and that of your vehicle a top priority. One of the leading companies around that can meet your requirements is Auto-Owners Insurance Company.

In 1916, Vern Moulton established Auto-Owners Insurance Company in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. Initially, the start-up company did not have any capital and was located in one room of a bank building. The company operated in the area for less than one year. In 1917, Moulton moved the company to Lansing, Michigan. During that time, the company assets included a book listing of policyholders’ names and $174.25. In 1933, during the bank holidays of February, the firm showed its strength and durability by paying all the claims on time and in cash – this, during a time when most insurance companies were reeling from the economic crash.

The financial growth and stability of the company continued through the years. In 1951, the company was already operating in one house in downtown Lansing – a reflection of its financial growth, from occupying one room to now operating in a house, where offices were consolidated and occupied different rooms. The company expanded its scope of operations from 1916 to 2006 from Michigan to Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, Florida, Missouri, Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Wisconsin, Georgia, Nebraska, Arizona, Virginia, Kentucky, Kansas, Utah, Colorado, Arkansas, and Idaho. Finally in November 2009, the company opened its doors to Pennsylvania. Today, Auto-Owners Insurance operates in several cities and has 75 claim offices spread out across the states.

Auto-Owners Insurance is one of the main property and casualty insurance companies in the United States that provide exceptional service to the American people. It is currently headed by chairman of the board and chief executive officer R.H. Simon.

A part of the Auto-Owners Insurance Group that is recognized for solid financial strength and consistency within the insurance market, Auto-Owners is a mutual firm that provides property and casualty insurance through the representation of more than 37,000 agents that work in around 6,200 agencies across the nation. At the same time, the company also has a total of 3,500 associates. It operates in 26 states and is also the group’s biggest insurance company.

As of December 2009, the company listed its combined assets as 62 percent cash and short-term investments; 7.31 percent U.S. Government bonds; 0.52 percent non-investment grade bonds; 11.01 percent stocks; 3.47 percent real estate-owned and mortgages; 68.14 percent investment grade bonds; and 8.93 percent miscellaneous assets.

The net income earned by the company in 2009 was $318,026,080 from the property and casualty group, while it listed a net income of $9,188,564 for life company.

The company offers personal and commercial property and casualty, life and insurance, and annuities. The success of the company is largely attributed to its employees and loyal policy owners. Together with its sister companies, Auto-Owners Company enjoy the best ratings from A.M Best, which is an A++ or “Superior”.

The company operates with 10 important values: honesty, prudence, the team, opportunities for the associates, stability and consistency, hard work, loyalty, relationships, the customer and of course, profit.

These underlying principles strengthen the company’s core and provide the bases for the exceptional service that it provides both customers and employees.  With Auto-Owners Insurance, you are assured of safe and secure investments and policy plans. So if you want only the best care and quality, you do not have to look elsewhere – Auto-Owners Insurance Company offers you 90 years of expertise and great service.