Baptist Life Association

Baptist Life Association
8555 Main Street # 1
Williamsville, NY 14221-7456
(716) 633-4393

Baptist Life Association is a privately-owned, non-profit, Christian fraternal benefit association. Its operations are strongly anchored on Christian beliefs and are propelled by the desire to promote the spiritual growth and financial security of its members. Baptist Life Association’s different services and programs are funded primarily through its life insurance and annuity products.

As an insurance company, Baptist Life Association sells Term Insurance for Children, Basic Whole Life, Wealth Transfer Life Insurance, and Flexible Premium Annuity. The Term Insurance for Children may be issued to a child from 15 days to 14 years old and covers the child until he or she is 16 years old. At age 16, the child may have his insurance converted to the permanent life insurance, without any additional health questions. The benefit amount is not great, but at least provides some protection. Premiums are a mere $25 a year. Moreover, child members gain access to other benefits, like the College Scholarship Program.

The Basic Whole Life plan is meant to provide a small coverage amount for basic insurance or end-of-life needs. The amount may also be given as a charitable gift to the church or similar organizations. The plan is highly affordable and takes maturity when the individual is 85 years old. Members of the association may also avail of the Wealth Transfer Life Insurance, which allows the client to leave inheritances to his/her offspring. The plan ensures a good return on the child’s inheritance, maintenance of control over the money in the event it is needed later on, and non-reduction of the inheritance by income taxes and other fees. The Wealth Transfer Life Insurance Plan is a single premium plan. Clients may avail of it for as little as $10,000.

Lastly, Baptist Life Association offers a Flexible Premium Annuity, in order to address the individual’s needs during his/her retirement years. For the minimal amount of $50 per month, a client may avail of the annuity. Contributions are not fixed and can be made at any time. Moreover, the interest accumulates on a tax-deferred basis, allowing the cash to accumulate faster.

Income from sales of insurances and annuities are used to fund Baptist Life Association’s programs and member benefits, such as scholarships, bible conferences, Christian service outreach projects, Christian publication discounts, and special family benefits. This is one of its strengths as a fraternal benefit organization. In addition, there are also Preacher’s Kid Term Programs and funded mission trips sponsored by the church.

Baptist Life Association has 10-12 employees and insurance advisors who are prepared to help clients and members come up with a wealth plan designed to meet one’s needs. As a Christian company, Baptist Life Association invests according to its morals and philosophy. It avoids high-risk investments and investments in industries or companies that support gambling, alcohol, tobacco, pornography, and abortion. It also offers a moral audit of individual investments to its members, in order to ensure that the use of one’s money is in conjunction with one’s moral beliefs.

Baptist Life Association is authorized to operate in 25 states, but it can aid Christians across the United States to find the insurance and annuity plans that they need, and at the same time, enjoy projects and services afforded to its members.