Berkshire Life Insurance

Berkshire Life Insurance Company
700 South Street
Pittsfield, MA 01201-8212

If you are one those who are looking for a company that specializes in insurance products excellent for executives, businessmen and highly skilled professionals, then Berkshire Life Insurance Company is for you.

Established in 1851 under the name of Berkshire County Mutual Life Company, it became Berkshire Life Insurance Company of America in 1865. The company merged with The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America in 2001, creating an insurance company that is a force to reckon with. The merger also made Berkshire the one in-charge of the company’s Disability Insurance.

Berkshire is headquartered at the heart of Berkshire County in Massachusetts. It also has field offices located from the East Coast to the West Coast.

With Berkshire Life, members can be assured of excellent and committed service from its employees. Berkshire has embraced the values and objectives of its parent company, The Guardian Life. The former has also adopted the purpose, mission, strategy, tactics, daily operational activities and goals of the latter.

Berkshire Life products include personal and business disability insurance and long-term insurance. The company sells these products through a network of agencies across the United States.

Gordon Dinsmore took the helm of leadership of Berkshire Life on July 1, 2009. Together with Charles Waldron as the senior vice president and chief actuary; Robert Coco, director of Financial Reporting; Tina Kirby, second vice president of Strategic Risk and Planning; and Laura Hahn, director of Core Product Marketing, he joins forces with their employees to work on becoming an industry leader in client satisfaction, sales growth, product performance, financial strength and profitability.

In 2008, Berkshire Life received a rating of A++ or Superior from A.M. Best Rating, the highest rating that the latter gives to an insurance company. Such rating shows Berkshire’s financial strength and its ability to meet its obligations to its members. Its parent company posted a revenue of $325 million in 2005 and a total asset of $24.8 billion.

For Disability Insurance Plans, Berkshire Life offers Personal Disability Insurance, which is good for those who feel that their organization’s group disability insurance may not be enough, especially if those covered are highly compensated.  It also offers a Business Disability Insurance. With this plan, business people are able to protect their income, employees and the business itself from any financial effects of disability.

There is also the Insurance Professional, which includes ProVider Plus, Income ProVider and LTC Choice ProVider. The cornerstone of Berkshire Life’s Individual Disability Insurance portfolio is the ProVider Plus. Through this, a policyholder can have comprehensive coverage and optional riders. With Income ProVider is the company’s individual income insurance for employee groups. Lastly, LTC Choice ProVider is the company’s long-term care insurance policy, wherein comprehensive coverage with customizable options that help the clients design their own affordable plan is offered, thus, enabling the customers meet their needs.

It is a fact that no one wants to be disabled. But, no one can really tell what could could possibly happen to him/her or to his/her employees. As they say, it is better prepared than sorry. And Berkshire Life is the best company that can help anyone prepare for these things.